DuBois Nursing Home

DuBOIS — The DuBois Nursing Home now has a cumulative total of 53 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including residents and staff, according to its website update on Monday, Sept. 14.

In an update provided by the DuBois Continuum of Care Monday, the nursing home reported that the cumulative total of confirmed resident cases of COVID-19 is 34.

The cumulative total for confirmed staff cases at the nursing home is 19.

The state Department of Health also lists 34 resident cases and 19 staff cases for the DuBois Nursing Home in its long-term care facility data available online.

There are no COVID-related deaths reported by the nursing home.

According to Monday’s report from the nursing home, there is one new resident and one new staff member who had new onset of respiratory symptoms within a 72-hour period.

The DuBois Village is still reporting zero confirmed resident cases of COVID-19 and zero staff cases of COVID-19.

Per the guidelines, if any newly confirmed cases or clusters of respiratory symptoms within 72 hours occur, the website will be updated by 5 p.m. the next calendar day.

Due to government privacy requirements, the nursing home cannot divulge specific information about the individuals who have tested positive or have symptoms of COVID-19. The new reporting requirements will not replace normal communication regarding changes in resident condition. Facility staff will continue to contact family members directly with any resident changes in condition including symptoms of COVID-19, according to the DuBois Continuum of Care website.

When contacted for comment about the increase of cases, DNH Executive Director Lori Jamison has not yet returned the call.

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