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Chris and Kristie Taylor are shown working on their parody song called, “Stuck Inside,” at their home. The couple decided to produce a COVID-inspired parody song — it’s a mixture of humor and hope set to the tune of the all-time classic “American Pie” with the original melody and song credited to Don McLean.

DuBOIS — DuBois Area High School English teacher Chris Taylor and his wife, Kristie Taylor, a Clarion-Limestone Elementary principal, are helping to spread humor throughout the community with a parody song they wrote about isolation and the coronavirus pandemic.

“As we try to limit the spread of disease, here’s something we hope is worth spreading,” the Brookville couple says in their description of the video entitled, “Stuck Inside.”

“During our time in quarantine, we decided to produce a COVID-inspired parody song,” said the Taylors. It’s a mixture of humor and hope set to the tune of an all-time classic, “American Pie,” with the original melody and song credited to Don McLean.

“We are not looking to monetize this, just to put smiles on people’s faces,” said Chris Taylor.

Taylor said he and his wife have written parody songs before for Pennsylvania System of School Assessment testing — “Ready For The Test,” set to “All About That Bass,” and “Make It Your Greatest Show,” from “The Greatest Showman.” When PSSA testing canceled for this year, they thought about writing a song about “The Day The Testing Died” but decided that was too negative.

Then an idea came to them about a line like, “It’s time to quarantine.” From there, they looked further into topics that were associated with the current crisis, both negative and positive. After making a list, they started to see where they might fit into a story with “American Pie” as the melody.

“We didn’t want to trivialize the situation, so we planned the song to move from the silliness of people’s reactions to the idea that we need to come together and work to protect other people,” said Chris Taylor.

They started writing on March 13 around noon and had the first draft of the song finished later that night, he said. Next, they enlisted one of their college theater friends to do some tweaks and edits with a different set of eyes and they completed the final version within 24 hours.

Chris Taylor then asked his friend Brennan Bell, a former DAHS music teacher, if he would be willing to record it using his studio equipment.

“Over the next couple of days, we worked to develop the video and Brennan made the recording,” said Chris. “We put it online on Wednesday evening and within 36 hours we had about 5,000 total views between Facebook and YouTube and the video has been shared more than 300 times so far.”

To date between all platforms, the video has more than 500 shares and nearly 10,000 views.

“It’s been awesome to hear positive things from all over the country,” said Chris Taylor. “A lot of people mentioning that it’s brought them a little brightness in the darker and monotonous days. My students, past and present, have also contacted me a lot.”

Taylor said his favorite part of the song is the last section, “where it transitions away from the silliness of the situation to a more hopeful and inspirational message for people to do the right thing.”

To find the video, people can search “Stuck Inside” COVID-19 Parody Song on YouTube.

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