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BROOKVILLE — A Jefferson County Jail inmate who escaped while out on work release has been captured, and returned to the jail.

Police said Michael Alan Brewer, 35, of Erie, violated his work-release conditions by leaving work at Humphrey Charcoal without authorization at approximately 8 a.m. Thursday, September 10.

Following his escape, he was sighted on Knoxdale Road near Anita by Jefferson County sheriff deputies.

“Just to clear the air, that is not a jail supervised program. I know we got a lot of heat for it at the jail,” said Dustin Myers, Jefferson County Jail warden. “We do not in any way control work release. We don’t make the call on who gets out, we don’t make the call on somebody if they get the job or not. We don’t supervise them when they’re outside of the jail.”

According to Jefferson County Sheriff Carl Gotwald, there were several other sightings of Brewer reported leading up to his capture. His photo and information was posted on the county’s most wanted list on Facebook as well.

“PSP got a tip, and he was picked up in Big Run. We had him on our most wanted list on Facebook. We’re not sure today if that brought a tip out or not. The most important part is he’s been caught.

After being at large for about two weeks, a tip came in to Brewer’s locations. Pennsylvania State Police found Brewer in Big Run.

Brewer has a preliminary hearing scheduled for Oct. 15 with Magisterial Judge Gregory Bazylak.

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