Veterans Memorial placed in Coolspring

Honoring all American veterans, the Coolspring Cemetery Association has had this Veterans Monument placed at the top of the hill in the cemetery.

COOLSPRING — The Coolspring Cemetery Association placed a Veterans Monument in the Coolspring Cemetery to honor all American veterans this past May.

Work on the project began last fall as the Association board decided it wanted to honor veterans. The board reached out to R.D. Brown Memorials in Punxsutawney to obtain the veterans marker.

Cheri Shaffer, Association board secretary, said the board “wanted to do something for the vets. It was the appropriate thing to do.”

The monument sits at the top of the hill in the cemetery by the stone building already located there. It stands in honor of the 78 veterans buried in the cemetery now and those who will find their last resting place there in the future. Shaffer noted that there are five Civil War veterans and one from the Spanish-American War buried there. There is also a lieutenant colonel who was a flight nurse during the Vietnam War who is buried in the cemetery per her request as she wanted to be near family.

The Board consists of president Kenneth Compton, vice president Robert Shaffer, secretary Cheri Shaffer, treasurer Craig Hoffman, director Pete Shaffer (Cheri’s husband), director Shawn Compton and director Shawn Reitz. The Association accepts donations for the care of the cemetery. Anyone wishing to make a donation may send it to Coolspring Cemetery Association, 355 Coolspring Road, Coolspring, PA 15730.

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