Rose Siding Road Bridge in need of repair

Rose Siding Road Bridge is in poor condition as can be seen by the large crack in the side of the bridge. Borough engineers estimate the cost of replacing the bridge would be $100,000 to $150,000 with engineering costs ranging from $15,000 to $30,000. Brookville Borough Manager Dana Schreckengost brought up the bridge at last week’s council meeting.

BROOKVILLE — Needed bridge work, free parking, and updates on the Riverwalk and kayak launch projects filled the Brookville Council agenda last week.

Rose Siding Bridge

“We do need to discuss the Rose Siding Road Bridge,” borough manager Dana Schreckengost told council members. “This is the only bridge the borough owns in town. Our engineers brought it to our attention that right now PennDOT is being very favorable in some multi-modal grant opportunities and the engineers feel that the Rose Siding Bridge would be a good opportunity for this grant.

“What would happen is the borough pays the engineering and the contractor up front then PennDOT reimburses the borough for the actual amount of the construction project,” she explained.

“So the borough ends up paying for the engineering fees but the actual construction cost is reimbursed.” The engineers gave a ballpark figure saying the construction cost would be anywhere from $100,000 to $150,000 and engineering costs would be $15,000 to $30,000. There are no deadlines on it, Schreckengost said.

She said the borough does not necessarily have that amount of engineering costs in the budget but “you’d be getting roughly a $175,000 project for $20,000-25,000.”

She noted that council could keep it on track and plan for it in 2020. “It’s just something to think about,” she noted.

While the borough would be initially responsible for the engineering costs, Schreckengost said the borough would responsible for the entire cost at first. Shreckengost said her thought was “you budget for the engineering expenses. You put $30,000 in a budget for engineering. Then you go out and secure a loan for the construction because PennDOT’s going to pay you back on the construction costs. So all you’ll be paying for is the engineering costs and the interest on that short-term loan for that construction cost.”

There have been complaints about the bridge because the garbage trucks cannot go over it because of weight restrictions and the bridge itself is in poor condition, according to Phil Hynes, council president.

The road is being used more often now because it is also a secondary access to the Redbank Valley Trail.

Schreckengost said the engineers say the bridge is getting to the point that “you can’t just slap a Band-Aid on it.” The engineers had given the bridge a life expectancy for 5-10 years several years ago and it’s getting close to that, she noted.

No action was taken at the meeting in regards the grant or the bridge.

Free parking

Representing the Brookville Laurel Festival Sarah Gallagher asked the borough council for free parking during the sidewalk sales at this year’s festival. Council unanimously approved the free parking but asked for more details on Gallagher’s other topic of placement for the Woodmobile and other vehicles.

Riverwalk update

Council president Phil Hynes gave a brief update on the Riverwalk project.

Hynes said the Riverwalk committee had decided that the “DCNR (Department of Conservation & Natural Resources) grant that the borough had given permission to apply for” might not be what they wanted. “It also involved a lot more than they anticipated and deadline is coming up so the Riverwalk committee this year is basically going to look at other grants, possibly coordinating with the county for some grants that might fit into their regional planning.”

Arthur McKinley said as weather improves he is looking forward to having some kind of event to invite the council members out onto the river banks “to maybe walk a short portion and to maybe understand better with feet on the ground what this project might look like.

“We appreciate the support we’ve had so far from this body. There’s a lot of work to be done. We’re looking at funding and we’re looking at planning and we’re coordinating with the Army Corps of Engineers to make sure we don’t run afoul of them,” McKinley said.

Police report

Mayor Dick Beck provided the police report last week as police Chief Vince Markle was participating in a training session at the borough building.

There were 188 calls in the past month. The department answered 50 assist calls, gave out five citations, 92 warnings and 264 parking tickets. There were 28 incidents reported, three felony charges, 20 misdemeanor charges, 14 drug charges and seven summary charges.

Police completed one class and completed three active shooter drills – two in the station and one at a private business.

The police department employee of the month in March was Justin Miller.

The chief also requested a short executive session for personnel. Markle left the training session for that brief time. When council returned to the public meeting it approved having borough manager Dana Schreckengost advertise for police secretary.

Leaf pick up

The borough announced that leaf pick up would take place from April 22-26. The early snowfall last year interrupted the fall leaf pickup and so a special leaf pick up is taking place this month.


Councilman Randy Bartley brought up an issue of traffic speeding up South Pickering Street and the fact that there are young children living in the neighborhood. He asked if the street committee could look into the situation, noting that when he first moved into the area there used to be speed bumps to slow traffic because of children.


Council is looking for lifeguards for the 2019 swimming season at Walter Dick Park. The season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Applicants must be 16 years of age, provide a copy of their certifications, and be available to work weekdays and weekends from 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Experience is preferred but not required. Applications are available on the borough’s website and in the office at 18 Western Ave., Suite A.

Position to open

The police department is looking to fill a full-time administrative assistant position as a result of a pending resignation.

The position will pay $11-14 an hour depending on experience and includes a benefits package. All applicants must be able to pass a background check. For more details check out the borough’s website.

Kayak launch

Council also approved allowing the Public Works Department to assist in the grading for the proposed launch. An estimation of one day of work was given as what would be needed.

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