Greetings from Liberty, N.C.! This morning we received wonderful news! The South African Department of Home Affairs accepted our appeal and has granted us a visa valid until December 2021. Thank you so much for praying. Right now, our plan is to finish our HMA and return to SA (at) the end of June.

When our South African friends hear that we will be in the U.S. for four or five months, they often envision us lounging be the pool, sipping lemonade, and having a great vacation. While we do try to take some vacation time, HMA typically keeps us pretty busy. We invest a lot of time connecting with partners and speaking in churches, encouraging and coming alongside just as we do with leaders in South Africa. Thankfully, technology also allows us to stay connected and involved back at East Mountain as both of us continue to mentor and invest in leaders there.

In terms of support, this year our goal is to raise $500/month and an additional $6,000 in one time support.

Praise God:

  • For granting us a visa and responding to our prayers. We had been praying to hear something by April. The appeal process often takes 6-12 months. It's only been two months!
  • For this time that he is giving us in the US. Even though we miss South Africa, we are blessed to be here and see God's hand at work.
  • For all of friends who have worked hard to pack up our house and move us in our absence. Everything has gone very smoothly. We are so grateful.
  • For safe travels and good connections. Mark has been to Virginia and to South Carolina twice. The car is holding up well.

Please pray:

  • For Mark and Marcie as they travel to Alabama this weekend. Pray for good connections and for God's purposes to be accomplished.
  • For all those who will be moving our things to storage tomorrow, that all would go smoothly with no injuries.
  • For our trip up to Pennsylvania on April 5. We will be there for April and May.

Thanks so much for your prayers! God heard and answered! Thanks for continuing to lift us up! You are such a vital part of our team!

Mark and Marcie, Dylan and Caleb

Serving with United World Mission at East Mountain in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Contributions may be sent to United World Mission, P.O. Box 602002, Charlotte, NC 28260; account 31261.

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