Shown, from left, are: DuBois Area High School Dean of Students Chuck Pasternak, DuBois Area High School Principal Brian Weible, Skylar Schrecengast, Kennedy Delp, DuBois Area High School science teacher Robert Bowser, Shana Vansteenberg, Brittany Phillips, Johnson-Subaru Service Manager Jeff Skraba and Johnson-Subaru Sales Manager Rick DeSalve.

DuBOIS — Students at the DuBois Area High School now have about 150 brand new books, all relating to different areas of scientific study, thanks to Johnson Subaru and the Subaru Loves Learning initiative.

Students in grades 9 through 12 will benefit from engaging and educational nonfiction texts that promote literacy in the content area as well as encourage students to pursue their natural curiosity about the world around them.

For the fourth year in a row, Subaru retailers have partnered with the American Association for the Advancement of Science in order to make an impact on Science Education in America. Throughout the month of September, Johnson Subaru car buyers have a chance to sign their names on special cards which go inside the cover of every donated book to the school. It’s one way that Johnson Subaru facilitates charitable giving on a local level.

DuBois Area High School Principal Brian Weible said the partnership with Johnson-Subaru has created an opportunity for students to explore some exciting and meaningful science texts, which support the school’s emphasis on STEM learning.

“We are grateful that Johnson-Subaru would have selected us for this opportunity,” Weible said.

Johnson-Subaru Sales Manager Rick DeSalve said the Subaru Loves Learning initiative, along with Subaru’s other charitable initiatives, make him proud to represent a business that goes above and beyond to help people. He and Johnson Subaru Service Manager Jeff Skraba hand-delivered the books on Monday to the high school where they had a chance to meet with several students.

DeSalve said he looks forward to moments like that each year.

“Subaru gives back in these ways,” DeSalve said. “It’s fun to go give stuff to people. Everyone is so thankful.”

DeSalve said he is grateful to owner Bob Johnson, who readily participates in, not only the Subaru Loves Learning initiative, but also the upcoming Subaru Loves Pets, the Subaru Loves to Care and the Subaru Loves the Earth.

“I get a lot of gratification knowing that I work for a good company, not just Subaru, but specifically Johnson-Subaru,” DeSalve said. “The owner doesn’t have to participate, but I always know he will respond to my email about it and say yes.”

Weible expressed his gratitude to DeSalve and Skraba for working with the DuBois Area School District.

“It was great to see them interact with our students,” Weible said. “I think they set a great example for our students when it comes to giving back to your community.”

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