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Shown are the DuBois Area High School chorus students who participated at the PMEA Region 2 Chorus Festival at McDowell Intermediate High School: 1st row (front) from left are Rachel Korchak ‘19, Alexa Alker ‘18, and Emma Reed ‘19; 2nd row from left are Kaiya Forsyth ‘20, Chloe Hartzfeld ‘20, Raeanne Reynolds ‘18, and Zita Forsyth ‘20; 3rd row from left are Kailey Pisani ‘19, Kevin Hamby ‘19, Dom Umbaugh ‘18, Perrin Chappel ‘19, and Paige Force ‘19; and 4th row from left are Tom Hibbert ‘18, Jon Russell ‘18, Shane Ponzi ‘19, and Max Sensor ‘19. They are under the direction of DAHS Chorus Instructor, Brennan Bell.

DuBOIS – Seven DuBois Area High School students will move on to PMEA All-State Chorus, an unprecedented number in DuBois history, after competing at the PMEA Region 2 Chorus Festival at McDowell Intermediate High School March 1-3.

Students from DAHS competed against 60 other schools for the right to advance to All-State Chorus in Lancaster April 18-21.

DuBois had 17 students advance from District Chorus to represent District 3 at the Region Chorus Festival.

At regions, the audition results showed that 15 of the 17 students from DuBois ranked in the top 10 of their voice sections. The top four students from each section qualified for PMEA All-State Chorus. Those moving on to states from DuBois include the following: Raeanne Reynolds, Soprano 2 – 4th Chair; Alexa Alker, Alto 1 – 1st Chair; Emma Reed, Alto 2– 2nd Chair; Nick Meholick, Tenor 1– 4th Chair; Kevin Hamby, Bass 1 – 4th Chair; Dom Umbaugh, Bass 1 – 1st Chair; and Tom Hibbert, Bass 2 – 3rd Chair.

Placing in the top 10 of their sections were Kailey Pisani, Soprano 1 – 8th Chair, Paige Force, Alto 1 – 7th Chair, Rachel Korchak, Alto 1 – 9th Chair, Kaiya Forsyth, Alto 2 – 6th Chair, Zita Forsyth, Alto 2 – 8th Chair, Shane Ponzi, Tenor 1 – 9th Chair, Perrin Chappel, Tenor 2 – 9th Chair, and Max Sensor, Bass 2 – 8th Chair.

The underclassmen in the photo qualified for automatic returns for the District Festival next year along with Reed and Hamby. Also competing were Chloe Hatzfeld, Soprano 1 and Jon Russell, Tenor 1. Students performed a standing-room-only concert on Saturday afternoon after rehearsing for three full days under the direction of honored guest conductor Dr. Christopher Jackson from Muhlenberg College.

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