DuBOIS — The administration of DuBois Central Catholic announces the honor roll listing for the second quarter of the 2017-2018 academic year. Students who earned an overall average of 93 percent or better received First Honors. Students earning an overall average of 90 percent or better received Second Honors.

Grade 6

First Honors: Andrew Adamski, Candace Andres, Emily Ankerbrand, Tyler Baird, Sara Boland, Kadie Bressler, Barak Clouser, Aiden Engle, Estelle Ferrari, Jessy Frank, Andrew Green, Melia Mitskavich, Lydia Morgan, Raegan Porter, Lola Post, Kayley Risser, Haley Semancik, Connor Siple, Brady Snyder, Mathue Volpe, Julia Werner, and Kourtney Zatsick.

Second Honors: Ryan Erickson, Nathaniel Harris, and Jeremiah Mondi.

Grade 7

First Honors: Alyssa Dinger-Noemi, Mia Edwards, Benjamin Gritzer, Neel Gupta, Izabella Hartzell, Faith Jacob, Alyssa Johnston, Sophie Mangiantini, Emma Peck, Michelangelo Piccirillo, Megan Pittsley, Sophia Rooney, Katelyn Smith, Luke Swisher, Anna Vandervort, and Rose Whipple.

Second Honors: Bella Blakley, Juliet Elias, and Matthew Pyne.

Grade 8

First Honors: John Adair, Jacob Baird, Ian Boland, Hayes Cooper, Owen Helm, Madison Hoyt, Jalen Kosko, Erich Lee, Taven Lukehart, Colin Micknis, Savanah Morelli, Aaron Nasuti, Megan Ochs, Isaac Pifer, Alec Srock, Emma Suplizio, Maria Tomasko, and Sara Werner.

Second Honors: None

Grade 9

First Honors: Dante Armanini, Michaela Armanini, JoAnne Case, Holly Deemer, Paris Farley, Nicholas Felix, Isabelle Forcey, Damon Foster, Madison Gill, Isaac Gray, Madison Hannah, Alexander Jenkins, Emily Joseph, Madeline Klark, Cindy Lam, Erin Maloney, Mia Meholick, Cade Peck, Joseph Piccirillo, Amanda Rossi, Zachary Spellen, Harrison Starr, Derek Strouse, Gracee Swatsworth, Leonard Swisher, Christopher Uhl, Maria Werner, and Elizabeth Williams.

Second Honors: Sean Duke, Ethan Kness, and Tanner Morelli.

Grade 10

First Honors: Colin Barnett, Maia Cogley, Gabriella Delzangle, Dylan Foster, Zachary George, Shayleigh Gulvas, Hannah Holdren, Jordan Kosko, Jonathan Kurtz, Isabella Mangiantini, Parker Meholick, Madison Miller, Rachel Miller, Madisyn Miscavish, Alexandra Ochs, Allison Pittsley, Johnathan Ritsick, Justine Stewart, Juliana Stine, Cierra Stom, Martina Swalligan, and Gweneth Vida.

Second Honors: Rachel Aravich, Tristan Engle, Kathryn Jordan, and Bryce Micknis.

Grade 11

First Honors: Alyssa Bittner, Logan Clancy, Emma Cooper, Sean Evans, Maxwell Forcey, Nicholas Hansel, Anne Latuska, Lillian Lee, Leyton Mangiantini, Ashley Mayes, Justin Miknis, Grant Norman, Abbey Pettenati, Haley Pettenati, Carley Semancik, Jacob Snyder, Kenneth Starr, Lindsey Swisher, Zachary Vandervort, Antonio Willar, Emily Williams, and Ashley Wruble.

Second Honors: Sherry Anderson, Eriq Donahue, Zachary Edwards, Caleb Elias, Faith Hannah, Mackenzie Manning, Makenzie Park, Kyrsten Ruch, Jonathan Schoeneman, Dominic Torretti, and Brandon Walker.

Grade 12

First Honors: Alexander Adamski, Victoria Barber, Madison Barnett, Jarred Black, Anthony Depello, Rebecca Dohner, Brenna Engle, Elizabeth Gankosky, Meghan Graeca, Keri Hollenbaugh, Rebecca Liddle, Hannah Miller, Chelsea Myers, Madison Nasuti, Carolyn Sette, Cameron Stom, John Swalligan, Anastasia Tarcson, Jessica Tomasko, and Cecelia Tornatore.

Second Honors: Kyle Fitzpatrick, Thomas Grecco, and Matthew Ishman.

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