Memorial Day is just around the corner, which means summer is just about here! Whether you want to spend the day playing lawn games with friends and family, or prefer to just sit back with a cool drink, this roundup of outdoor picks will have you covered.

With the first days summer just around the corner, you’re probably taking advantage of the few sunny spring days to have any meal you can on your patio. But whether you’re hosting a Memorial Day cookout or just like to enjoy your breakfast in the sun, carting delicate dinnerware to and from the kitchen can be a nerve-wracking task. This unbreakable dishwasher safe dinnerware is just as chic as ceramics without the risk of shattering.

Nearly 30 million acres of our country is covered in lawns, and it has been estimated that 80 million pounds of pesticides are spread annually on them.

Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City volunteers partner with the Atkins-Johnson Farm and Museum and the City of Gladstone to plan, plant and maintain a 60-by-60 heritage garden of vegetables, herbs and flowers. All plants grown are those in existence before 1900.

The city of Clarkston unanimously voted to approve a first of its kind tiny home development earlier in May. The project, known as “The Cottages on Vaughan” is situated on a half-acre lot centrally located one block from downtown Clarkston, and will include eight tiny homes on permanent foundations, ranging from 250 to 492 square feet.

The orchids displayed at my local grocery store are members of one of the largest plant families. With nearly 30,000 species Orchidaceae, the botanical name for the orchid family, is large, diverse and one of the more economically valuable plant families. Recently I met a member of this family in the woods near my house.

Sometimes you’re craving something sweet but don’t want to make dozens of cookies or buy a big pint of ice cream that tempts you from your freezer all week—and let’s be honest, mug cakes never taste amazing. That’s where this adorable single serving ice cream maker comes in.