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Over the fall and winter, debris probably built up in your gutters. With the increased spring showers, leaves, sticks, and grime can act as a dam and prevent water from flowing freely. To keep your gutters draining smoothly and prevent any damage from backed up rainwater, spring-clean your gutters following these three simple steps.

1) Remove gutter covers.

If you already have gutter covers installed, remove them before cleaning. If you haven’t installed gutter covers, this is one simple way to reduce the amount of times per year that you need to clean your gutters. It also prevents larger debris like fallen branches from clogging your gutters.

2) Scoop or blow out debris.

Using a gutter cleaning tool, scoop out any debris that has accumulated in your gutters. If your gutters are dry and mostly filled with leaves, you can cut the elbow grease in half by using a leaf blower to remove the bulk of the debris. This lightweight gutter cleaning tool fits on any ordinary extension pole and is usable for up to two stories.

3) Flush your gutters.

Using a garden hose, flush your gutters to ensure a smooth flow of water. If there are any blockages, remove the nozzle and slowly work your garden hose up the spout in order to clear out any clogs.

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