The following is part of an occasional installment of “old time headlines” compiled by the DuBois Area Historical Society. The headlines were researched by the historical society board member Ken Wiser. Headlines and story samplings appear as they did when they were published in the newspaper.

This installment is from the week of June 10, 1919.

Tuesday, June 10, 1919

Mr. DuBois Makes Land Gift To City

Through the generosity of Mr. John E. DuBois, this city is about to become the possessor of approximately 37 acres of land situated along the Liberty Boulevard, land that will be used in future years for a park and for the erection of public buildings. Mr. DuBois yesterday afternoon authorized the City Planning Commission, which has been holding conferences with him, to announce officially the fact that within a few days a deed for the land between Beaver run and Sandy creek on the western side of the Boulevard and extending to the Pennsylvania switch, will be handed over to the city and it will certainly be a source of great gratification to the people generally, who without doubt heartily appreciate the spirit of co-operation that is thus shown by Mr. DuBois towards placing the city on a standard with other cities in respect to parks and playgrounds. It Is understood that later on Mr. DuBois will deed over the land forming the little park north of the Pennsylvania railroad station and also for land along West DuBois avenue.

As stated, the land that is to be deeded over to the city of DuBois comprises about 37 acres and includes all of the land between points mentioned with the exception of the property owned by D. E. Hibner and the DuBois Electric company. It is land ideally situated for the construction of a park and it is the dream of the people of DuBois that ultimately there will be situated upon this land one of the most beautiful and most accessible parks possible. The land is well adapted for the purpose and is well situated. No time will be wasted by the City Planning Commission in forwarding the park proposition.

The action of Mr. DuBois in deeding over this property is one that will receive the warm commendation of the people of this city. He very willingly gave the additional ground necessary for the widening of the Boulevard and he now comes to the front for the land needed to make a park and to provide for public buildings if it is decided to build them along the Boulevard, the logical place for them.

The gift of this land to the city is a potent argument for the erection of the new city building along the Boulevard. In the first place there is no doubt of the fact that the city building would only be the beginning of a growth of public buildings along this highway and it is fitting that the city building should form a part of the scheme for a public park. If the city building were erected at a point near the present iron bridge it would not be much further removed than is the office at the present time – not more than one square – and would not prove inconvenient to many people.

Wednesday, June 11, 1919

Modern Mausoleum To Be Erected In Rumbarger Cemetery

At last our city is to come into its own. The communal idea is one that was first proposed about ten years ago, and since its inception it has grown by leaps and bounds as no other enterprise of its class in our entire country.

The Sanitary Mausoleum Company of Reading has made a contract with the Trustees of Rumbarger Cemetery whereby they are to build a beautiful building of granite in this cemetery, and in a talk with Mr. C. J. Smith the Company manager, he said:

This enterprise has only to do with a return to the mode of care of the body as followed entirely through the period of Biblical history. So far as the records show, never was the remains of a human ever put away in the ground as is now the custom. All bodies were entombed and it is the return to the customs of that period that has had to do with the wonderful development of the enterprise. Seven years ago, there was only one building of this kind in the whole state of Pennsylvania. Today there are 29. Ten years ago there was not a building of this kind in the United States or Canada yet today there are more than 600 completed buildings.

Of Doric architecture built of granite with walls 18 inches thick, with a tile roof, with the entire interior of highly polished marble, with its artistic cathedral windows and its massive doors of bronze, here will be a building which one can lay away their beloved in peace and in showy cleanliness.

By a system of ventilation, we are enabled to perfectly desiccate the body, so that for all time it remains in perfect cleanliness without any disintegration. With more of the conditions that necessarily must occur to a body interred in the ground, entombment is peaceful and sweet and clean forever, free from the wet and the chill, and the joy of knowing of this condition brings one more comfort than any other possible act that one can do.

We are operating with full consent of the State Board of Health, who have endorsed our enterprise and the State law requires that they appoint an inspector to see that our promises are fulfilled to the letter. The building is strongly endowed for its permanent upkeep, and there never will be a time in the centuries to come of any danger regarding its perpetual care. This is not a commercial enterprise. No crypts will be built except for those contracted for them months before construction is begun. No money will be accepted until the building is under construction. There is no hazard. Your city has had need for such a structure for years and we were pleased to be able to convince the cemetery trustees that we were building only the best yet the price is not more than the ordinary expense of ground burial. We look for great things from your city. No greater civic need has ever been undertaken. We are glad to be with you, and we anticipate giving you one of the finest buildings in the state.

The cemetery representatives had this to say: “This company is a strong financial concern with some of Reading’s leading businessmen as its stockholders. In past years frequent offers have been made for the erection of a mausoleum in this cemetery but they were turned down because sufficient guarantee as to quality of workmanship, sanitary features and financial responsibility did not fulfil the requirements demanded.

The location selected is on the left of the main drive where there is a hard natural stone foundation near the center of the cemetery and a fine driveway will be built from South Main street to the building.

Friday, June 13, 1919

Placing Grounds In Shape For Airplane Landing

Immediately following the permission that was granted by Mr. and Mrs. John E. DuBois for the use of a portion of the meadow as a landing place for the planes that are coming to DuBois on June 18th, arrangements were made for fixing up the grounds for the landing. A crew of men was organized and went to work on the project, and it is certain that the grounds will be in good shape for the government fliers when they streak in out of the east on either June 17th or 18th.

The surrounding hills will offer a safe place for the people to view the landings and the take-off. It will not be safe for a crowd to congregate on or near the field because the machines, after landing, make a run of several hundred yards and there is not telling just where they will go.

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