Volunteers recognized

Celebrating its volunteers’ hours of service during National Volunteer Week, Penn Highlands DuBois hosted a volunteer recognition luncheon. Shown receiving his pin for reaching a milestone of volunteering 500 hours is Bob Spicher of DuBois, center, with Terry Swope, right, director of Volunteer Services at PH DuBois, and Dave Fawns, left, director of Human Resources at PH DuBois.

DuBOIS — Penn Highlands DuBois recognized its loyal volunteers during Volunteer Week with a luncheon hosted on Friday, April 20, in the Central Resource Center at PH DuBois West.

“PH DuBois is grateful for the thousands of hours our volunteers give to the hospital, helping patients and their families,” Terry Swope, volunteer coordinator at Penn Highlands DuBois, said.

Altogether, the 206 volunteers at PH DuBois logged in 16,982 hours this past year, according to Swope. They provide services in almost every area of the hospital and are also involved in special programs, such as PH Community Nurses Hospice, PH DuBois Pastoral Care and the PH DuBois Auxiliary.

“Our volunteers have a tremendous impact on the lives of the patients that they serve,” Katie Lenze, Penn Highlands Community Nurses volunteer coordinator, said.

“They give selflessly and from the heart,” John Sutika, president of PH DuBois, said. “The Administration and Board of Directors appreciate all of our volunteers and what they bring to our organization.”

Those who reached milestones in their volunteering careers received pins. They were:

100 Hours: Tami Amitrone, Rita Amitrone, Barb Beck, Sue Cunningham, Cindy Irwin, Ted Klark, Sylvia Matts, Rose Maxwell, Dana McGee, Kathi Meyers, Mary Ann Piccirillo, Lorraine Sackash and Manda Shaw;

300 Hour: Virginia Brown, Jenny Devallance, Barb Fawns, Jason Gray, Dale Himes, Charlotte Kessler, Val Marteney, Toni Moulthrop, Phil Philp, Lettie Ramsey, Bonnie Smith and Gail Thompson;

500 Hours: Kathy Bender, Beulah Crawford, Diane Endress, Janet Hicks, Ginny Libby, Cindy Nicolls, Janice Salada, Susan Smith, Bob Spicher, Joan Stover, Sue Streator, Denise Thunberg, Greg Wachob and Jim Watkins;

1000 Hours: Kathe Ginther, Sheila Olosky, Bonnie Pittsley, George Postlethwait, Marie Russell and Emilie Scott;

1500 Hours: Marie Kessler, Nancy Kline and Judy Smith;

2000 Hours: Olga Chiodo and Barbara Luke;

2500 Hours: Sylvia Liedl;

3000 Hours: Peggy Snyder;

5000+ Hours: Pat Kulbatsky, Dianne Minns, Barbara Peterson, Jane Pifer, Kitty Sample, Claudia Shaffer and Barb Woods.

Anyone interested in being a volunteer at PH DuBois can call Swope at 814-375-2316 or Lenze at 814-781-4722.

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