Those looking for a relaxing way to spend their day, don’t have to travel much farther than State College’s Simply Health Salt Spa.

People enjoy the Simply Health Salt Spa services for many reasons, most notably Himalayan salt therapy.

“A year before I started the salt spa, I really never heard of Himalayan salt either,” said Marge Delozier, co-owner of Simply Health Salt Spa located on South Atherton Street. “But it’s very beneficial for a variety of reasons. Himalayan salt is known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.”

Delozier said all health issues come from inflammation — asthma, arthritis, skin issues, gout and migraines, to name a few.

“It doesn’t matter what you say you have, you are going to get some relief,” Delozier said. “The benefits are cumulative, people may visit once a week, every other week or once or twice a month. The more often you come, the more benefits you will feel. Every time you are in there, the amount of inflammation you have lessens.”

With allergy season upon us, it can really help, she said.

“It’s good for people of all ages,” Delozier said. “Many people have gotten off their medications after using the salt room for a while, which is really cool.”

It’s why she and co-owner Nikki Santangelo started the business five years ago.

“People have relieved their pain and are able to breathe better and get off medications and it’s all done naturally,” Delozier said.

Simply Health Salt Spa consists of three state-of-the-art salt rooms surrounded by 11 tons of Himalayan salt. The salt spa services include massage in a salt room, detoxifying iron cleanse foot baths, infrared detoxifying in a salt room, a salt sauna, guided meditation in a salt room, essential oil therapy and an infrared Jade Mechanical Massage Bed, according to Delozier.

Special treatments have been carefully selected to restore health and well-being, helping people to relax and replenish their energy.

A session in a Himalayan salt room at Simply Health Salt Spa lasts 45 minutes. The patient sits or reclines comfortably, and there is no talking or use of devices permitted. Low lights and quiet music add to the experience.

“It just slows people down for 45 minutes,” Delozier said.

People can wear whatever they want in the salt rooms, which are kept at 68 to 70 degrees, and blankets are available as well as disposable booties to put over socks, Delozier said.

Treasure Lake resident Toni Houston said she enjoys visiting the salt therapy rooms about once a month.

“I find them beneficial for me because, with chronic sinus and respiratory issues, I find relief there,” Houston said. “Just 45 minutes in the salt caves can make a huge difference. After my visit, my breathing is improved.”

The other benefits Houston has noticed is the way her joints feel after experiencing the spa.

“Sometimes I suffer from inflammation and arthritis. I feel great for many days after,” Houston said.

While lying down in the caves, Houston said she feels a calmness and relaxation that boosts her mood.

Simply Health also offers many other treatments such as the body vibe, a belt that vibrates your body to help with circulation.

“It seems to give me energy. Better than any energy drink,” Houston said.

Houston said the foot detoxification is amazing — 30 minutes of pulling all the toxins out of your body, helping cleanse your organs, removing impurities and letting your body cure itself.

The infrared sauna is another reason to pay a visit.

“I could go on and on,” said Houston. “If you are looking for natural cures and a very relaxing way to enjoy your day, treat yourself and decide for yourself. I know for me, my husband and my daughter, we enjoy our trips to the caves.”

Delozier said she feels the spa is very affordable.

“We don’t want you to just come once,” Delozier said, noting a session is $15. Various specials are also offered.

“In two weeks, you will see and feel the cumulative benefits,” she said.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the spa at 814-954-7731. Visit the website at

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