Treasure Lake couple voices concerns about well station location

Robert and Betsy Hooven voiced their concerns to the Sandy Township Supervisors about the location of a proposed Aqua Pennsylvania Inc. well station near their home on Barbary Coast Court in Treasure Lake. They showed these pictures they took at an Aqua facility located at Bimini Lake to the supervisors to show them what they would be looking at if they look out their front door. The proposed well station would be even bigger than these structures, Robert said.

DuBOIS — There are other locations Aqua Pennsylvania Inc. can build a proposed well station on Barbary Coast Court in Treasure Lake, according to nearby resident Robert Hooven.

At a Jan. 15 public hearing held by the Sandy Township Supervisors regarding a request from Aqua Pennsylvania Inc. for a modification to an existing planned residential development in Treasure Lake for a proposed water filtration plant, Hooven said there was discussion regarding other locations that had been explored by Aqua.

“The Aqua representative stated that 10 other locations had been considered,” Hooven said at Monday’s supervisors’ meeting. “After further questioning, four of those locations were at one site. This equates to the possibility that only two other sites may have been considered. To make a statement that 10 locations were considered was an attempt to deceive and mislead the residents and this board.”

Some of the structures in Treasure Lake used by Aqua are the size of a spring house or a back yard shed, said Hooven, noting that many were placed before the homes and recreational properties were built.

“None of these structures compare in size or activity that this new proposed facility,” Hooven said. “The declaration of restrictions were developed for the purpose of enhancing and protecting the value, desirability and attractiveness of our properties. These restrictions ensure subdivided lots are for residential purposes only and no structure should be placed or permitted to remain on these properties other than a single family dwelling.”

The proposed structure has a 2,800 square foot footprint, Hooven said.

“I assume this campus will include a high chainlink fence with barbwire accessories lacing the top,” Hooven said. “This property would reflect the appearance of a prison exercise yard not a home. The newly constructed Aqua facility at Treasure Lake is a small scale reproduction of this facility. If calculated using the the newly constructed facility at Bimini and considering the high chain link fence, this new development on Barbary Coast Court could be as large as 8-10 times the size of the building, which would cover over 25,000 square feet or more. This is more of a reason not to build on residential numbered lots in close proximity to a home.”

This industrial sized building plan for Barbary Coast Court with truck activity and turnarounds has no business being built on what is determined to be residential lots with close proximity to someone’s home, Hooven said.

A land development plan for Aqua Pennsylvania Inc. for a Treasure Lake Well Station was approved last month by the Sandy Township Planning Commission. The land development plan is contingent on approval by the township supervisors for a Treasure Lake planned residential development modification application for the Well N23 treatment facilities to be located on the newly consolidated Aqua property adjacent to Barbary Coast Court.

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