New Sandy Township Manager Shawn Arbaugh discussed several projects currently underway in the municipality and what lies ahead at Thursday’s Greater DuBois Chamber of Commerce Business Connections luncheon at the Lakeview Lodge in Treasure Lake.

“We really are focused right now on our sewer-water woes that have been going on for some time, we’re actually very close to an agreement with the city (DuBois) on the sewer side,” said Arbaugh. “We started a committee of managers, engineers, residents, and elected officials to really try to come up with a long-term agreement.”

Arbaugh said that the two municipalities are very close to reaching an agreement and he hopes to have something finalized within the next several weeks.

Regarding water, Arbaugh said there have been several water loss issues in the township recently.

“Essentially, pipes that are now leaking and really cost us a lot of money. It’s a big issue and normally with that water, we’re paying for it, the treatment,” said Arbaugh. “We hired a leak protection expert about four weeks ago to come in, identify some major, major leak issues. Our public works crew is fantastic. They were able to get in and fix those issues right away.”

The township worked closely with local businesses to get the water issues fixed for the ones that weren’t the township’s responsibility.

“They were very cooperative. It was great to finally reduce a lot of that water loss. So we’re real happy with where we’re at. They’re going to come back in May and finalize some smaller leak areas, but we got a lot of it knocked out,” said Arbaugh.

The township is also gearing up for the annual road program, said Arbaugh, noting more will probably be done this year than previous years.

“We have about a $1 million dollar program,” he said. “It’s been out for a bid right now, and we’re hoping to award end of May timeframe.”

He said the list of roads scheduled for the project include South Main Street, Thunderbird Road, Larkeytown Road, Guy Avenue, Sylvan Heights Road and Spider Lake Road. If the bids come in well, the township expects to add roads.

The Industrial Drive Extension project by the former Kmart store, which has been in the works since 2016, is currently in the design phase. Arbaugh said he hopes construction will start early next year.

Arbaugh said the township is in the process of hiring a new police chief.

“We hope to have a new police chief on board in the June timeframe,” he said.

In other police department items, Arbaugh said since Clearfield County came out with a new radio system, the township plans to purchase new police radios.

“We haven’t had new radios in about three years. We got really, really great pricing this year and some potential grant funding. So we’re looking to get that radio project done this year, about $75,000 to replace it,” he said. “And the new radios are fantastic. A lot more bells and whistles with them and a lot more capability.”

An upgrade to the police department’s tactical gear is also planned.

“We were very lucky to have some generous donations from some citizens and some businesses to help offset the cost of that gear,” said Arbaugh, adding that it will be purchased this year.

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