A food truck festival planned by the Greater DuBois Chamber of Commerce at the Sandy Township Municipal Park later this year was the focus of a discussion among the township’s governing body this week.

The township received a memo from the Sharon Folmar, a township employee, about a discussion about the food festival between Chamber Executive Director Jodi August and former township Manager Dave Monella.

In the memo, Folmar said the food truck festival had been agreed upon and scheduled to be held from noon to 6 p.m. on Oct. 5 at the Sandy Township Park.

“They’re anticipating having around 10 food trucks, three dessert trucks, eight wineries, eight breweries, three distilleries, along with live entertainment,” said supervisors’ Chairman Jim Jeffers.

In the letter, Folmar said the chamber would be looking into having shuttles from the DuBois Mall parking lot in an order to accommodate an anticipated 750 to 1,000 attendees.

“I asked her if they had discussed setup of the trucks, and she said they were planning to use the walkway for the trucks to park on, as well as some of the parking lot,” Jeffers said.

Currently, nine vendors who have certificates of insurance have committed to the event, said Jeffers.

“I have blocked off a weekend for Oct. 4 to Oct. 6 on the parks calendar, and I’m looking for guidance from the supervisors on how to proceed from here with this event. I’m happy to continue to be the contact for the township for this and any future events. If we’re going to continue to open a park for events, I might suggest work with the township attorney to create a contact that would be specific to events in lieu of the standard contract,” the letter stated.

Supervisor Mark Sullivan asked if there are any guidelines for alcohol in the park.

“It even surprises me that we allow alcohol in the park,” said Solicitor Greg Kruk. “We have to take a look at the ordinance. I know we have an ordinance on it. I think we have rules and regulations on use of the park, but what they are specifically, I don’t remember.”

“I was thinking that alcohol consumption was supposed to remain inside the pavilions,” said Sullivan.

“That could be one of the rules and regulations, but I don’t know,” said Kruk. He said he would research that and report back to the supervisors at the next meeting.

“The other question would be could we waive that for this type of event,” said Sullivan.

“Well, you set the policies for the use of the park, and I think we should amend it or change it or vary it, depending upon the activity that’s involved,” Kruk said.

“Once again, I think we need to research and go from there,” Supervisor Dave Sylvis said.

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