Clarion River Days

A river festival will celebrate the Clarion River and all its resources over the weekend.

CLARION — A local radio station will celebrate community on the Clarion River this weekend with water sports and river action.

“Clarion River Days” will showcase the waterway Saturday and Father’s Day, with participation by 21 vendors, including local organizations and businesses, along with prize giveaways and a Boat Parade.

Area businesses will participate, including Performance Kayak of Brookville, whose employees will give outdoor demonstrations. There will also be local musicians and food vendors.

Esperanzo Wilcox, who is the executive director of C-93 radio station in Clarion, said this is the first CRD event but he expects it to be an annual affair.

Water-based festivals like this bring attention to the Clarion River and the waterways that many people in different counties and communities enjoy regularly in the summer.

The Clarion River offers a longer “floating season” than other rivers in the area, and is a popular attraction. Many recreational facilities in the Allegheny National Forest, Cook Forest State Park and Clear Creek State Park support and make use of the river and its resources.

“We want to do more to raise awareness and bring enrichment to the community, and bring people things to do and local events,” Wilcox said. “There is access to so many things outdoors, so it’s about bringing people in and taking pride in their hometown.”

“There are wonderful trails out here,” he said. “People can take advantage of things that are right in their backyard.”

Wilcox said organizers also hope to begin a restoration project at the Toby Boat Launch.

“It’s important that we take care of these natural resources that are here, and have easy access to them,” Wilcox said.

Included will be many activities for families and children to enjoy for the holiday. Boat owners are invited to participate. The boat parade will be held Saturday at 5 p.m., starting at the Toby Boat Launch, heading down towards the River Hill Bridge, then back around.

The river festival begins Saturday and Sunday at 10 a.m. at 1168 Greenville Pike in Clarion.

For more information, visit the Clarion River Days Facebook page or

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