REYNOLDSVILLE — A Reynoldsville couple have filed charges assault and harassment against one another following a reported altercation between them Aug. 14. The altercation grew from one’s bringing canned corn, rather than corn on the cob, from the grocery store, police say.

Reynoldsville Borough Police filed charges against Trent Edward Lee, 23, of Reynoldsville on Aug. 14 including assault, terroristic threat, and harassment.

Police also filed charges against Kayla Ann Brodowsky, 29, of Reynoldsville on the same date including assault and harassment.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, police were dispatched to a residence following a reported domestic disturbance. The caller, Brodowsky, said, “her and her boyfriend hit each other, her boyfriend took a knife and left,” according to the affidavit.

Responding, an officer spotted a man fitting Lee’s description on East Main Street but when the officer pulled up, Lee reportedly ran between buildings and to the rear, and the officer lost sight of him.

The officer then reportedly went to the location of the incident to talk with Brodowsky and when he arrived, a Jefferson County Probation officer pulled in to ask who he was seeking, and told him he would keep an eye out.

According to the affidavit, while the police officer was getting information from Brodowsky, the probation officer called to say Lee had been located in the area of the “tickle belly bridge.” The officer left the residence to secure Lee, who reportedly was argumentative, but was eventually detained.

Learning that Brodowsky had been transported to the to the hospital, the officer took Lee to the police station to be interviewed. Lee reportedly said the couple have argued several times, and have had four PFA (Protection From Abuse) orders against one another, but have dropped them. This time, he reportedly said, they had been arguing about his bringing home the wrong kind of corn, and Brodowsky told him to leave. He reportedly said Brodowsky then grabbed him by the ears, so he shoved her arms. Lee claimed Brodowsky struck him in the face, and that he then struck her on the torso.

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The officer then called the hospital to finish speaking with Brodowsky. According to the affidavit, she confirmed the couple had been fighting because Lee bought canned corn instead of corn on the cob with her food stamps. Brodowsky said she confronted Lee, and he began calling her names. She said she asked Lee to leave several times before grabbing his cell phone to try to get him to leave. She alleged that after she grabbed his phone, he grabbed her by the neck and she struck him in the face with his cell phone.

Brodowsky reportedly said Lee then sat down and she grabbed him by the ears to again try to get him to leave the apartment. Lee punched Brodowsky in the stomach, she reportedly said, the back, and the stomach again. She told the officer Lee then pulled out a knife, and Brodowsky told him she was going to call the police, and he left the residence.

The officer reportedly confirmed with Brodowsky that she had struck Lee and grabbed him by the ears.

According to the affidavit, following the phone call Lee asked if she was having him arrested, and the officer told him he was being arrested for the incident. Lee reportedly responded that he wanted to have Brodowsky arrested for assaulting him. The officer did not notice any marks on Lee’s face, but did see a fresh mark on his torso when he lifted his shirt.

Both Brodowsky and Lee have preliminary hearings scheduled for Aug. 27 with Magisterial Judge David Inzana.

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