A photograph of some of the items seized during Thursday’s heroin bust in St. Marys.

ST. MARYS — An additional search warrant was served Tuesday at a St. Marys home where 38 bricks of heroin, methamphetamine, a large quantity of marijuana, an assortment of drug paraphernalia, and approximately $14,770 in cash had been found Thursday.

Elk County detective Gregg McManus said police received additional information regarding their investigation and another search warrant was served yesterday at 642 S. Michael St., netting an additional $14,400 and an ATV.

“We’re not done yet,” McManus said. “There will be more arrests to come.”

St. Marys police and the Attorney General’s North Central Municipal Drug Task Force had been investigating the trafficking of narcotics in Elk County when they heard in August 2017 that 23-year-old John “Johnny” Pistner was dealing heroin.

Police say they were informed that Pistner was selling heroin from multiple locations, including from his mother’s garage at 642 S. Michael St.

As time passed, police became aware that there were other players who were allegedly involved in the operation, including Pistner’s long-term girlfriend, 29-year-old Kimberly Gier, who lives at 620 Pontzer Ave. with Pistner and three young children.

Also identified as helping with the distribution is 29-year-old John Gier, of St. Marys, and 27-year-old Johnna Borrello, of Kersey.

McManus obtained two search warrants and served the warrants around noon Thursday for the two houses.

At the South Michael Street home, police say they found 38 bricks of heroin, methamphetamine, individually packaged bags of marijuana, and an assortment of drug paraphernalia. Approximately $14,770 in cash, as well as Pistner, John Gier, and Borrello were also found there.

Police seized all of their cell phones as well as two guns found in the garage.

Police then served a warrant at the Pontzer Avenue apartment where they found Kimberly Gier with her infant child. They also found several bundles of heroin, drug paraphernalia, plastic bags with a white substance inside, and $5,289 in cash.

McManus said as a result of the searches Thursday four vehicles were impounded and three ATVs, a motorcycle, a go cart, and a trailer were seized.

After the warrants were executed, several interviews were conducted in which police found that Pistner had started to deal heroin on a small scale, which had eventually grown to getting approximately $50,000 worth of heroin at a time and selling it in the Elk County area.

Charges were filed against John Maurus Pistner, Kimberly Marie Gier, Johnna Rae Borrello, and John Paul Gier. All were remanded to Elk County Prison in lieu of posting bail.

Currently, all four defendants are scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing before District Judge Mark Jacob of St. Marys around 9 a.m. Feb. 13.

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