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REYNOLDSVILLE — A Philadelphia man has been charged with the death of a 21-year-old woman who overdosed on heroin in a Reynoldsville residence last year.

Edward Roy “Lucky” Minner, 66, 3950 D St., Philadelphia, is charged by Reynoldsville police with murder by delivery of drugs, former convict not to own a firearm, five counts of possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver, and recklessly endangering another person.

According to court records, on May 1, 2017 a Reynoldsville Borough police officer was called to 342 S. 10th Street for a report of a possible overdose.

Twenty-one year old Brittany Sebring was found dead there by homeowner Jamie “Kittie” Beach. Autopsy reports would show that Sebring had “beyond lethal” levels of heroin and methamphetamine in her system.

Police say when questioned, neighbor Kayleigh Dolby said she had met Sebring the week before her death and the two used meth together throughout the weekend.

James Rodgers said that he had contacted Minner on Facebook and met him. During the meet he showed him that he had a more pure heroin, a fentanyl based heroin, and meth. Rodgers told police that Minner bragged that the drugs were “fire,” “very strong” and that everything he gets is always the best.

Rodgers would purchase meth from Minner and watch at least one other transaction where Minner sold heroin to another individual.

The day of Sebring’s death she, Rodgers invited Dolby and Sebring to Beach’s house to get high. Once there, they met Minner who gave Dolby 1/2 gram of meth to shoot up and then took Sebring upstairs to shoot up heroin with her.

Police say Dolby relayed to them that when Minner came downstairs he commented that Sebring was highly intoxicated and passed out after using the heroin.

Rodgers told police he checked her pulse and breathing and both seemed stable. When he asked Minner how much heroin he gave Sebring, he said three bags, which caused Rodgers to become angry with Minner.

When Rodgers went to check on her, he reportedly also saw a loaded needle by the bed which Minner left there for Sebring for later.

Rodgers and Dolby would continue checking on Sebring over the next several hours, however Minner was unconcerned with her condition and got a ride to leave. Eventually, Dolby and Rodgers would leave because a code enforcement officer was coming to condemn the house.

When they came back to check on Sebring later that day, they saw the ambulance and other cars at the house and learned that Sebring had died.

A firearm was found in the Falls Creek residence where Minner was staying and Rodgers added that he had seen him carrying a pistol in the waistband of his pants. Police would also find photographs of large chunks of meth on Minner’s phone.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, during an interview with police, Minner said, “I didn’t mean to hurt that girl. She wanted some dope, so I gave her a bag. She took the rest. I didn’t shoot her up, she loaded the needle.”

Minner was arraigned on the charges Thursday and remanded to Jefferson County Jail in lieu of posting $100,000 cash bail.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for noon on May 30 at District Judge David Inzana’s office in Reynoldsville.

Online court records do not indicate that legal counsel has been appointed for Minner as of press time.

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