Brian Weible

DuBois Area High School Principal Brian Weible is shown in the school store which will be run more now that the bell schedule is changing for the 2018-19 school year. 

DuBOIS — The bell schedule for DuBois Area High School will be changed for the 2018-19 school year to offer students the chance to explore more elective courses, according to Principal Brian Weible.

“We have offered 28 new or refined electives in the last two years so there’s 28 more courses kids can take, typically, an elective would be a semester,” Weible said. “Under the old system, the DAHS had during seventh period and then last year or during this year during eighth period, there would be no teachers teaching it would be one period a bit like a tutoring or study hall period. No electives were running, no classes were running.”

In order to increase students’ ability to explore new offerings, Weible said DAHS has shifted the schedule around slightly.

“We still wanted to have the tutoring time where every teacher would be available for kids to go get help and so what we did is take a couple minutes away from each period from 43 down to 41 minutes and we re-aligned the schedule,” he said. “Instead of having one period where kids are just at study hall, we’ve thrown in two periods, second period and eighth period, that half the school is in classes and half would be available to be in the study hall or enrichment period.”

During the time they’re in a study hall, there are still electives and classes under way.

“So if a student does not want to take the study hall, they think the 24 minutes that they have, at the end of first period is enough, because everybody’s going to get 24 minutes no matter what to be able to work with teachers. So if they think that’s enough and they want to explore something, they have second or eighth period depending on how their schedule works to be able to drop that study hall or enrichment period and take an elective that’s running,” Weible said.

Under the new bell schedule, classes will be offered all periods of the day, Weible said. About one-half of the student population will be assigned an enrichment period during period 2 and the remainder of students will be assigned an enrichment period during period 8. The enrichment period that is assigned will result from the scheduling choices the students have made.

In addition to the enrichment periods, all students will have a 24-minute tutoring period that is attached to the end of period 1.

A benefit is that the coffee shop and school store previously could only be run during seventh period, Weible said. “Now we can run it during the 24-minute tutoring period, we can run it during the second period study hall and enrichment period, and we can run it during lunch and we can run it during the eighth period,” he said.

“We have plans to create a mentoring relationship between teachers and their tutoring students during this 24-minute period,” said Weible. “We also have plans to run our clubs and career exploration panels during the 24-minute common tutoring time.”

As a result of electives running both period 2 and period 8, students will be able to drop their enrichment period and enroll in an elective if they choose to do so, Weible said.

The change will increase student access to electives by two semesters every year during their high school career, he said. This means that students could potentially take eight semester electives that they could not have taken with the old tutoring model that did not have any courses running during that period.

“We feel this opportunity is important to offer our students due to the fact that, with your support, students now have access to 28 new or refined electives over the past two school years,” Weible said.

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