Rebecca Sensor

DuBois Area Middle School music and chorus teacher talks about her experience the past two years serving as PA Music Educators Association president for District 3.

DuBOIS — As her two-year reign as the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association president for District 3 comes to an end next month, DuBois Area Middle School music and chorus teacher Rebecca Sensor said her favorite part was interacting with the students across the towns in the district.

“That’s really what the best part of the job is,” said Sensor at last week’s DuBois Area School Board meeting.

“During the days of the festivals when I go to any of these festivals,” Sensor said, “there’s a lot that has to happen. A lot of it happens very quickly. As soon as the students get there, the directors are all whisked into a room and we have a quick meeting and talk about the auditions.”

She said they want to get everything right so that every student has the same audition experience. Much of the focus is on the festivals at the high school level because the students can move on to states and even all-eastern and nationals.

“Some of the highlights of my second year as president were connecting with them, some amazing educators, and the regional students from all these counties,” Sensor said.

On a personal level for Sensor, she said seeing the DuBois Area School District students do voice well at the festivals, seeing her former students do well and seeing her son get to enjoy these opportunities have been a proud moment for her as a member of the DuBois community.

Becoming a district president for PMEA is no easy task. It’s a six-year commitment. Sensor served two years as vice president and two years as president as well as the upcoming two years as immediate past president.

Sensor was the first non-high school teacher to serve as a district PMEA president for District 3 in quite a while. There have been college professors, but no one recalls an elementary or middle school teacher as District 3 president in recent memory.

Sensor said that her colleagues across District 3 are “awestruck” at the support the DuBois Area School District receives. District 3 includes all schools in Jefferson, Indiana, Armstrong and Clarion counties. There are 12 PMEA districts across the state.

“We’re very proud of our music department, we’re very proud of the students, and I know I can speak for my colleagues when I say that thank you so much for the support you show not only me as pursuing the district president but, that we get for our programs,” Sensor said. “My time is up as the district president on June 30, and it was a fantastic experience. Thank you all so much for making it possible for me to attend those events and be a part of this core position.”

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