DuBOIS — The DuBois Area School Board approved several hirings, resignations and retirements at last week’s meeting.

Hirings, effective the 2018-19 school year, include:

  • Hannah Shady as a health/physical education instructor, at a salary, as per contract, at master’s, step 1.
  • Holly Boyles, as an elementary music teacher at a salary, as per contract, at bachelor’s, step 1.
  • Deidre Minns as a secondary school counselor at a salary, as per contract, at master’s, step 1.

The following temporary employees for the Maintenance/Custodial Department were hired at a rate of $10 per hour, effective June 22 through Aug. 24: Melissa Harvey and Bryce Grecco.

The following extra-duty positions were hired, as per contract for the 2018-19 school year:

  • Danielle Rode, percussion instructor (summer band and full season) for the 2018 summer band program.
  • Dorothea Hackett, producer/director and business manager for the All-School Drama.
  • Joe Sensor, stage manager and lights/sound for the All-School Drama.
  • Hackett, director, All-School Musical.
  • Mandi Bell, choreographer, All-School Musical.
  • Sensor, lighting director and set/design/paint/construction, All-School Musical.
  • Christopher Taylor, producer, All-School Musical.
  • Jennifer Keith/Ken Evans, STEAM team coaches.
  • Melinda Swauger, band director.
  • Jacqueline Norris/Heather Pasternak (salary divided), Student Council advisor.
  • Denise Sloan/Heidi Shindledecker (salary divided), Junior-Senior Prom.
  • Taylor, Mock Trial advisor and Scholastic Challenge Team coach, with Todd Shindledecker (salary divided).
  • Kristin Schneider, WBVR coordinator (high school).
  • Linda Rankus, Senior High Yearbook.
  • Beau Bash, Senior High Yearbook business manager.
  • Douglas Brennan/Michael Mancuso (salary divided), Academic Science Team Coach.
  • Carla Penman, Director of Virtual Academy.
  • Hackett, Senior High Newspaper.
  • Leanne Fuller/Danna Granville, National Honor Society advisors.
  • Robert Bateman, Ski Club Advisor (high school).
  • Jill Heffner, pool director.
  • Joe Sensor, Middle School Band.
  • Rebecca Sensor, Middle School Chorus and Play.
  • Joe Sensor/Rebecca Sensor (salary divided), Middle School Talent Show.
  • Nicole Hill, WMSK coordinator (middle school).
  • Mandi Bell, Show Choir choreographer.
  • Scott Creighton, head coach for girls’ soccer.
  • Hannah Fontaine, head coach for middle school soccer.
  • Cory Yarus, head coach for middle school Cross Country.
  • Greg Kennis, junior high coach for boys’ basketball.
  • Leanne Fuller, varsity assistant for swimming/diving.

The following resignations were approved:

  • Amy Rusnica, child specific health aide, Juniata Elementary, effective June 4.
  • Chad Zimmerman, custodian at C.G. Johnson Elementary, effective June 30.
  • Brian Mulhollan, high school assistant principal.

Retirements were:

  • Patricia Leach, paraprofessional, child specific aide, Jeff Tech, effective the last day of the 2017-18 school year. She had 20 years with the district.
  • Brennan Bell, music teacher, high school, effective June 5.

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