DuBOIS — A Penfield man and a woman face charges following a domestic dispute which occurred at 7:48 p.m. on Nov. 27 at 15233 Bennetts Valley Highway, according to a criminal complaint filed Nov. 28 at District Judge Patrick Ford’s office in DuBois.

Joshua Michael Vallone, 31, 15233 Bennetts Valley Highway, Penfield, is charged by state police in DuBois with a felony count of strangulation— applying pressure to throat or neck, a misdemeanor count of assault and a summary count of harassment while Heather Rose Watson, 24, same address, is charged with a misdemeanor count of assault and a summary count of harassment.

According to the affidavit of probable cause filed at Ford’s office, the police arrived at the scene and spoke with Vallone, who did not have a shirt on and who had blood on his arms. When asked about the blood, he said that not all the blood was his. On the first floor of the residence, a large amount of blood was on the kitchen floor. Through the kitchen and up the stairs through the residence blood was on the floor.

The affidavit said that Vallone and his girlfriend had gotten into an argument that turned physical and that she had attacked him. He related that he was on the phone yelling at a debt collector. He said that Watson came in and that they began to argue.

Vallone stated that as the argument continued, Watson attacked him and hit him with a vodka bottle. He said that she had tried to hit him and he tried to defend himself.

Vallone said that it took all his will and might to keep himself away from Watson. He said that Watson was able to scratch his face and bit him on the arm. He said Watson broke the vodka bottle on his head.

Information received from Watson included that she had contacted 911 and had received significant injures from the incident and was being transported by Penn Highland Elk for treatment.

Initial information on Watson’s injuries showed a possible fracture to orbital socket, bite marks on the back of her left arm and a large amount of bleeding on the top of her head, heavy bruising on her face and forehead, bite marks on the back of her left arm, red marks on her left arm, and marks around her neck from strangulation, the affidavit said.

Vallone reported that she hit him on the head with a vodka bottle an that she broke the bottle on his head. He said that his actions were self-defense and it took all his will and might to fight her off. He said that he did use whatever she had in her hands to strike him. He used the same object but just to defend himself just one or two times. He also admitted to striking her maybe four or five times with his hands. He said that he did put his hands around her neck, but it was to get her off him. He also advised that it was all just to defend himself and his child. He did admit to having three shots of alcohol before the incident.

Monetary bail for Vallone was set at $25,000. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. Friday at Ford’s offie. He remains in the Clearfield County Jail. Watson’s bail was set at $25,000, unsecured. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Dec. 28.

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