Besieged with illegal drug activity, as are many communities across the nation, DuBois City Police have been relentless in their fight against drugs.

“Even though we still have so much of it, we are combating the drug problem very well right now,” said Chief Blaine Clark.

From May 16 through June 29, the city police have made some substantial drug/narcotic arrests that show “we at the City of DuBois Police Department have been, and will always continue to combat the war on drugs that plague this great community,” said Clark.

During the above time frame, the police have had 23 drug/narcotic violations, 84 suspicious persons/circumstances that have netted multiple arrests and the removal of pounds of illegal drugs from the streets of the city, said Clark.

On three traffic stops alone, the police were able to locate and seize 699.89 grams (1.55 pounds) of methamphetamine with a street value of $139,978; 301.20 grams (.661 pounds) of cocaine with a street value of $30,120; 386.13 grams (.85 pounds) of heroin with a street value of $57,919.50; and 774.02 grams (1.64 pounds) of marijuana with a street value of $15,480.40 — a total street value of $243,497.90.

The police also located an unknown white substance, unknown brown substance, suspected LSD x 2 sheets, Ecstasy x 22 pills, Xanax x 20 pills, hydrochloride x 157 pills, multiple pieces of drug paraphernalia, four hand guns and $62,046.06 in cash.

“As the Chief of Police of the City of DuBois, I am very proud of the officers of this department that work so hard and professionally to keep this city safe, and poison free every day,” said Clark. “I must add if it was not for the citizens, mayor, city council members, city manager and the state Attorney General’s Drug Task Force giving us the information and the tools that we need, as well as faith in our department, our ability to combat this issue would almost be impossible.”

“My hat’s off to Chief Clark, the entire city police department, and the police departments in our area for doing a dangerous job,” said city Manager John “Herm” Suplizio. “Our police department, along with Sandy Township’s Police Department, are fighting this crime against drugs. It is bad, and the people have to understand that it’s bad and we’re not going to tolerate it and we will keep at it every single day. We are going to investigate and look into things over time.”

Clark said although the city police are making great strides, they still need the help from the community.

“Please be vigilant. If you see something, say something,” said Clark. “If you are not sure what to do, start documenting vehicle descriptions, tag information, time of day or night, person description, etc. But please make sure you pass this information on to your local police department.”

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“At the same time, make sure your doors are locked and don’t be afraid to check on your neighbor from time to time,” said Suplizio.

Clark reminded residents that these types of cases take time, so they shouldn’t give up or get discouraged.

“The City of DuBois Police Department takes all illegal activity very seriously,” said Clark.

“We know we have a problem here in this city, like many other communities, but the police have to do the proper investigation. It takes time,” said Suplizio. “But, I want to assure people that we’re not sitting down on this. It’s something that’s very important to us and it’s a problem we’re going to stay after it.”

Clark said he is going to continue to collaborate with all entities that can assist the police department with the protection and safety of everyone.

“It’s time to take our community back from these poison dealers so we can keep the motto of the city alive, ‘A Great place to Live and A Great place to Work,’” said Clark.

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