DuBOIS –Councilwoman Diane Bernardo was less than pleased when she said she saw “negative” material on the Downtown DuBois Inc.’s Facebook page recently.

During last week’s city council meeting, Bernardo acknowledged that there are problem properties that need to be or are being addressed, and there are venues for documenting and reporting those issues.

Downtown DuBois, however, should not be one of those outlets, she said. That group’s mission is to promote the downtown and she made clear that she will be sharing her concerns with the appropriate people in the organization.

“I really have to ask what its purpose is,” she said.

Liability insuranceAt the July 8 council work session it was noted that the city does not have a certificate of liability insurance on file from the Downtown DuBois group.

Policy requires that any group holding events on city property must have such a certificate and there will be no exceptions. The council voted unanimously to reaffirm that requirement.

Downtown buildingsSolicitor Toni Cherry said the city council needs to look at ways to keep building owners accountable when properties are bought and much is promised but little or nothing is delivered.

“Good intentions are not enough,” she said.

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“Play ball!”

Mayor Ed Walsh pointed out that the eight-team state Senior Little League Tournament and a 24-team Prep Baseball Report event are in town this week and hotels and motels from Clarion to Milesburg (about 100 miles) along Interstate 80 are sold out.

The events, and others like them, will continue to give a boost to the local economy, he said.

Wireless reliefBernardo noted that the Pennsylvania Municipal League, of which the city is a member, has concluded negotiations with AT&T that resulted in passage in the Legislature of a “Small Wireless Facilities Deployment” bill.

The bill will preserve municipal rights and ensure that restrictions are not placed on municipalities beyond the requirements of current federal law. Gov. Tom Wolf is expected to sign the legislation.

Beimel leads PledgeNoah Beimel of Boy Scout Troop 36 attended the meeting and led the Pledge of Allegiance at the invitation of Mayor Walsh.

The council will hold its next work session at 4 p.m. Thursday, July 22, in the council chambers at the city building on West Scribner Avenue.

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