DuBOIS — In observance of Fire Prevention Week, members of the DuBois Volunteer Fire Department have been visiting day care centers and schools in the city.

While their big, red fire truck is parked outside, firefighters have been educating the youngsters about the importance of fire safety. The kids learned safety awareness tips and got an up-close-and-personal look at the fire truck.

Fire Chief Ben Blakley, along with firefighters Rick Johnson, Ryan Hultman and Matt Lindholm, checked a local day care center’s fire alarm on Tuesday and explained to the children what to do if a fire alarm sounds. The children raised their hands when Blakley asked if they all have fire alarms in their homes.

“They are very important,” Blakley said.

He told the children to tell their moms and dads that they want to have a fire drill at their home.

“You all should meet in one spot outside of the home if there is a fire,” Blakley said.

The children also simulated crawling under a fire while the firefighters held a blanket low to the floor.

When asked what they should do if their clothes catch on fire, many of the children knew that they should, “stop, drop and roll.” Then each one of them showed the firefighters just how that is done.

Blakley told the children that they should always sleep with their bedroom door closed so that, in the case of a fire, the smoke and fire won’t come into their room.

“Don’t ever hide during a fire,” said Blakley, noting that firefighters won’t be able to find you if you are hidden and there is a fire.

“The best place to go is by a window because firefighters will be coming in through a window,” Blakley said.

The visits the firefighters have been making throughout the week are to help promote the most important facets of fire safety awareness to kids.

The Sandy Township Volunteer Fire Department has also been visiting schools and day care centers in their area to teach fire prevention.

Blakley said the fire department will also tour downtown buildings on Friday to stay familiar with the layouts and any changes to them.

Also on Friday, the Downtown DuBois Revitalization Group will hold a Fire Prevention Downtown Block Party, featuring Nick Forsyth, from 5-8 p.m. on West Long Avenue from Jared to Franklin streets.

There will be fire truck rides, free giveaways, food and family fun, according to the DDRG organizers.

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