Mackenzie Lines and her guitar

DuBois Area High School senior Mackenzie Lines recently created an album of original songs entitled, “Sincerely Oblivion.” Lines did all the vocals and harmonies and plays guitar, keyboard and ukulele — all self-taught — for the album’s 10 songs.

DuBOIS — In early 2017, Mackenzie Lines had an idea to create an album of original songs for her New Year’s resolution. While many people have trouble keeping their resolutions, Lines was not one of them.

“I finished it the day before my birthday, Nov. 18, 2017,” Lines, a DuBois Area High School senior, said about her recently released CD, “Sincerely Oblivion.”

Having a love for music “even before pre-school,” Lines did all the vocals and harmonies and plays guitar, keyboard and ukulele — all self-taught — for the album’s 10 songs.

“I would call it indie-alternative-folk as the genre type, I guess,” Lines said. “It’s not very typical music that you would hear on the radio right now. But it’s the type of music that I listen to a lot. It has a lot of guitar finger picking sounds, and I also play the piano and ukulele in one song, too.”

It was important to her to put a meaning in every song, or an observation of the world and how she sees it.

“I really wanted it to actually reflect life and be more about the music than just me,” Line said.

She admits some of the songs were easier to write than others.

“It got a lot easier to understand how to do it because I was learning how to use everything as I was going,” Lines said. “It got easier near the end of it to figure out the process of recording and then editing all of it.”

Lines, who is the daughter of Chuck and Cyndie Lines of DuBois, talked to employees at Spotts Music Center and then bought a MacBook Pro and some equipment when she decided to create the album.

Since completed, she made CDs and has sold more than 55 so far to people in the community and in several different states. She has also signed on with a publisher/distributor and now her CD is available on Shortly, it should be on iTunes and on the streaming services Spotify and Pandora. She has also become a member of the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers.

“I burned all of the CDs myself and printed all the covers and I had to learn some government and law speak to try to figure out how to copyright it myself, too,” said Lines.

There were times she was looking on YouTube engineering websites to figure out how to use the program to do what she wanted it to do.

“It was a few tutorials here and there and a lot of practice and just trying to play around with everything that was in front of me until something worked,” Lines said.

The cost for the CD is $7 and $10.25 for any that she has to ship.

“It’s been pretty incredible,” Lines said of the response from the public. “I wasn’t really sure what to expect with actually finishing it, what it would sound like at the end, and if people would actually be willing to buy it or anything because it’s very immature although it actually sounds pretty well done. So every time somebody replies to me or says that something was important or, which song was their favorite, that is just so cool to me.”

As a result of the experience, Lines said she discovered she really enjoys the audio engineering side of music, which is more of the recording and editing than perhaps writing and performing, and plans to pursue music technology in college.

For more information about the album, contact Lines at

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