A DuBois man has been charged with growing marijuana in his home, according to a criminal complaint filed at District Judge Patrick Ford’s office in DuBois.

DuBois City Police have charged Christopher Lee Poling, 32, 28 W. Scribner Ave., DuBois, with a felony count of manufacture, delivery or possession with the intent to manufacture or deliver and misdemeanor counts of possession of a controlled substance by a person not registered and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On June 17, city police were asked to assist Clearfield probation officers at an apartment on West Scribner Avenue. The probation officers reported that they had received a complaint that a person on probation might have a meth lab in his apartment, according to the affidavit of probable cause. The person’s name was Poling.

When the officers arrived at the apartment, Poling unlocked the door and let police in. The probation officers searched the house and did not locate a meth lab but did locate a metal grinder on the chair next to the couch which could have been drug paraphernalia.

There was a Folger’s coffee can next to the couch on the floor, which Poling reportedly admitted was where his weed (marijuana) was, the affidavit said. The probation officers opened the container and inside were 12 individually wrapped baggies of marijuana. Poling reportedly admitted this was his to sell. On the coffee table in the living room, police reportedly located in plain view a small glass container with a blue top containing marijuana buds.

Also on a small table in the kitchen was a white piece of paper with dollar amounts on it and names, the affidavit said. Poling allegedly admitted to his probation officers that was related to marijuana sales. All of the items were taken for evidence by the police. The probation officers then took Poling into custody and walked him to the police station.

Police said that when asked about the paper with the names and numbers on it, Poling told them it was a list of his marijuana sales, the affidavit said. When asked about the marijuana in the Folger’s container, he reportedly said it was packaged to sell. He told the police he allegedly sold each bag for about $35 to $40. Probation then transported Poling to the Clearfield County Jail.

His preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Aug. 2 at Ford’s office.

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