DuBOIS — Potential practical arts courses were detailed by DuBois Area School District Assistant Superintendent Wendy Benton recently when discussing the possibility of fifth-graders being moved to the middle school next year.

“Being in this district for five years, I was sitting in the audience three years prior to sitting in this seat and I’ve heard over and over how we have made so many cuts to programs and the importance of quality education to this community,” Benton said. “And we value that as well.”

She said the students at the middle school do have practical arts courses — three courses for 12 weeks.

Benton said the administration would like the board to consider offering two practical arts rotations rather than one.

“Students would have a total of eight courses over the year for nine weeks each so that provides them to greater exposure to a variety,” Benton said. “I also want to go on record as saying obviously when you are adding in new programs. that takes teachers and resources and material and equipment so that reduces the overall savings that we were projecting in December but it is also an investment in our children. We are investing in their education. We can see the progression.”

Nine week potential practical arts courses in grades five and six would include: health and first aid, health and nutrition, wellness 1 and 2, technology literacy, technology design, 2D art applications, 2D art productions, 21st Century Learning applications I and II, rhythm and movement, multimedia sound and instrumental design, pre-engineering and design, principles of engineering design, and leadership seminar 1 and 2.

Nine week potential practical arts courses in grades seven and eight would include: food science and human development, fabrics and textiles, hands on methods in agriculture, hands on advanced methods in agriculture, technology integration, technology application, 3D art applications, 3D art productions, economics and financial literacy, economics and entrepreneurship, cultural exploration 1 and 2, innovation and invention, and production and leadership seminar 3 and 4.

Another concern was lack of recess. Benton said physical education in the middle school is twice every five days. The middle school has 72 class periods of physical activity while the elementary has 30 class periods of physical activity.

Pending board approval, intramural volleyball, basketball and wrestling would be offered from 3-5 p.m.

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