Elliot Gelfand


DuBOIS — Elliot Gelfand has announced his candidacy for the vacant Magisterial District Judge seat in DuBois.

The justice seat, District 46-3-01 of Clearfield County, includes the areas of DuBois, Treasure Lake, Penfield, Luthersburg, Falls Creek, Rockton and Grampian. A special election is being held for the seat following the retirement of Judge Patrick Ford in October.

Gelfand, of DuBois, intends to cross-file as both Republican and Democrat in preparation of the municipal primary election scheduled for May 18, 2021.

Gelfand provided the following announcement of his candidacy:

“I am excited and proud to announce my candidacy for Magisterial District Judge in DuBois. Serving the community where I was born and raised has always been a dream of mine. I promise to serve the area with honesty, integrity, and fairness.

“The District Judgeship is vacant because Mr. Ford recently announced his retirement. Mr. Ford has been an institution in this district for over two decades and has been a dedicated public servant. I would like to thank him for his many years of work to benefit our community. I wish him well in his future endeavors. Thank you for your many years of service, Mr. Ford!

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“My interest in the administration of justice occurred early. I was a member of the Teen Court Jury while I was at DuBois Area Middle and High School (graduated in 2000). I continued that interest at Penn State University by taking as many legal and political science concentrated classes as I could. After graduating from Penn State, I accepted a position as a litigation paralegal at a law firm in Washington D.C. I then attended the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, resulting in me becoming a practicing attorney barred in Colorado and Pennsylvania.

“I believe that the District Justice opening is an opportunity for the next generation to make an imprint on the community with new ideas and transparency. If elected, I pledge to:

  • Work hand in hand with local and state law enforcement to ensure the efficient administration of justice and the best utilization of resources. I pledge mutual respect for the time of law enforcement officers and to provide all resources they require so they are not spending hours and hours waiting in the courtroom.
  • Communicate and collaborate with my fellow District Justices to coordinate scheduled hearings and utilize our community resources effectively.
  • Support the efforts of the Clearfield County District Attorney, Ryan Sayers, to implement the Drug Court to alleviate crowding in the Clearfield County Jail, rehabilitate low-level drug offenders, and more effectively manage the resources of the county jail system.
  • Reestablish the Teen Court system to educate and rehabilitate teen offenders to put them on a track to success within our community.

“As a District Justice, it is an imperative to protect the rights of all citizens. A District Judge has immense power to infringe on or inappropriately deny those rights. For that reason, I believe that my education and professional background as an attorney, trained in the laws, sworn by an oath to uphold and protect the laws, and bound by ethical duty, best suits me to be the District Judge. If elected, to further orient myself with the obligations of this elected office, I pledge to participate in the Magisterial District Judge training class and its exam.

“I have dedicated my life to learning, understanding, and working with the law. My ethical obligations of upholding the laws and protecting citizen’s rights are the guiding principles in all decisions I make and will make as a District Justice. If elected, I pledge to be an ethical, experienced, and engaged justice who discharges the duties of the office with integrity and respect.”

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