REYNOLDSVILLE — Gary & Sons, a heating and cooling family-owned business in Falls Creek, recently made things a little less chilly for a Reynoldsville veteran and his wife through an act of kindness this winter.

Gary & Sons, serving the Tri-County area since 1978, was founded by Gary Walborn, and currently run by two of his sons, Kurt and Mark Walborn.

According to Marketing Manager Dustan Dodd, Fred Kohler of Reynoldsville has been a customer for many years.

The Kohlers heat pump, around 20-30 years old, needed extensive repairs, Kohler said. As their home began to get very cold, they were using a space heater to provide heat.

Gary & Sons provided the first estimate of $800 in October to repair the heat pump, said Dodd, but the age of the unit would have not been worth the investment.

“It actually may have even caused additional problems, so we provided him with an estimate to replace,” said Dodd.

When Kohler was given a new replacement price, he offered to make payments to make the cost work, said Dodd. But, Kurt Walborn felt they could do something more to help the Vietnam veteran.

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Kurt then connected with Gary & Sons’ Lennox HVAC representative. Because of the businesses’ longstanding 20-year relationship with them, they agreed to donate the new heat pump for the Kohlers, while Gary & Sons employees provided the labor at no charge, said Dodd.

“I’m tremendously thankful,” said Kohler.

Kohler entered the service at 16 years old in 1960, he said, and when he got out, was a mechanic all of his life. During his time in the Army, he was hit in the middle of the back in an accident, causing him to become disabled. He has had five back operations, and makes regular visits to the VA (Veterans Administration).

His wife, Robin, also just recently overcame breast cancer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for the couple, said Kohler. He has 17 grandchildren in New York, and also 17 great-grandchildren, whom they didn’t see throughout the holidays.

“They are doing a wonderful thing for us,” said Kohler of Gary & Sons. “They have treated me fair and square – I am so happy with them, and I’d recommend them for anything. They’re making our holiday a little bit better.”

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