DuBOIS — Gab Bonesso, a Pittsburgh-based, nationally renowned performer, comedian, musician, and motivational speaker, brought her bullying awareness program to elementary students at DuBois Central Catholic School Wednesday.

For the past six years, Bonesso has been an anti-bullying advocate who gives a one-woman performance that uses creativity, music and dancing as a teaching tool.

For 50 minutes, she interacted with students in kindergarten through fifth grade while incorporating lessons on “how fun it is to be nice, how cool it is to be kind, and what should we do if someone at our school is having a hard day.”

Bonesso told the students that she was bullied in school from the time she was in first grade through 11th grade.

“It wasn’t every single day all those years; it happened months at a time,” Bonesso said.

She asked students what they do if they see someone being bullied at their school every day. She said it’s important for them to tell a teacher if it happens over and over again — not if someone is just in a bad mood on occasion.

“We need to figure out why someone who is about 7 years old is in a bad mood all of the time. The only reason you guys should be in a bad mood is if they are not serving chicken nuggets at lunch,” said Bonesso.

Speaking of kindness, she asked what to do if someone is having a bad day. A student said she’d ask them what’s wrong and try to make them feel better.

Gab Squad has been honored with “Best in the Burgh” in 2012-2018, plus many other accolades.

Bonesso’s work has been featured in more than 800 school, community, church, camp, library, and festival locations across 15 states, and has directly engaged an estimated 400,000 youth, educator, and adult participants in the process.

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