BROOKVILLE — The Pennsylvania Game Commission’s investigation into a video of alleged animal abuse that began circulating on social media late Saturday night is ongoing.

“We’ve had four officers dedicated to this since Saturday evening, and even worked quite a few hours Sunday on it,” said Chip Brunst of the Game Commission.

Brunst said two individuals have been identified in connection with the video, but the investigation is still incomplete. The Game Commission is working with Punxsutawney-based state police and the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office on the case.

The commission is also aware of additional videos that have surfaced of someone allegedly abusing a groundhog on a bridge. This will be treated as a separate case entirely, because it is a different individual in the video. The commission will not be addressing it until it progresses further with the current investigation of the deer videos.

The Northwest branch of the Game Commission has received more than 100 phone calls since the videos were posted, and not all of them have been kind. Brunst said they’ve had a couple calls from people calling them names for not seeming to be doing anything about the situation.

Brunst said one frustrating thing about all of this happening over social media is that people seem to expect instant gratification once the situation is made public. He said investigations don’t work like that, and it will take some time to see results.

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He went on to encourage anyone with new information to call the office, but said they are well past the videos already.

“One thing I would like to emphasize is this is not Pennsylvania hunters. This was a childish act that I’m sure they will regret, but it’s not what identifies Pennsylvania hunters,” Brunst said.

If the investigation results in charges being filed, the Game Commission will make a simultaneous post on its Facebook page. Brunst said the Game Commission will be able to answer more questions once that time comes.

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