REYNOLDSVILLE — A dedicated team will be helping Jeff Tech students and parents to “grow their sprouts” during the upcoming school year.

Creative Garden Preschool and Learning Center of Punxsutawney will expand to include a Jeff Tech location, offering services to adult students and their children.

Incorporating these services can better help serve adult students, allowing them to focus more on their education without the worry and stress of child care while they’re in class.

Jeff Tech offers about 16 full-time adult education programs, and short-term and online courses. Many students are adults who decided to go to school later in life, or returning students with families and children.

Erin Cameron, Owner of Creative Garden, LLC, said having child care at the school will hopefully allow more adults to get involved in Jeff Tech’s certification programs.

They’ll be offering a full preschool program, infant and toddler care and before-and-after-school care for school-aged children, Cameron said.

“Having on-site childcare will help eliminate one component that a parent has to figure out when returning to school,” Cameron said. “Being able to drop off and pick up their child in the same building, and be on the same schedule, can ease a lot of the worry parents have.”

Creative Garden aims to provide a safe environment for children to learn, while growing socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually. Focusing on each child’s uniqueness and individuality, they aim to encourage each child to reach their full potential through positive guidance, according to

“I hope this opportunity will also allow more of the general public to come into Jeff Tech and see what they have to offer,” she said.

JT Administrative Director Barry Fillman said he is grateful they have been able to partner with Cameron and the valuable resources she’ll bring to the school.

“It’s vitally important that Jeff Tech removes all barriers (blocking) important educational opportunities,” he said. “Available childcare will facilitate enrollment and program completion for students who find themselves in the dual roles of parenting and seeking educational and career opportunities.”

Jeff Tech Nursing Instructor Melissa Sturrock and Program Coordinator Brenda Hodge said they are excited to see the partnership between Creative Gardens and the school, since it will benefit their returning adult students.

“We believe students will be able to better focus, knowing their children are close by, as well as alleviate some of the difficulties associated with the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-ups of young children,” they said.

In recent years, a third of the Nursing Program students could have benefited from this program, the women said.

“This is a great step toward making education more attainable to our community.”

The program also is making the technological advancements necessary to meet the demands for returning adult students. In turn, they hope that recognizing challenges associated with juggling multiple responsibilities as an adult student will help to enhance the program and its students.

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