PUNXSUTAWNEY — Lesa Walker is being honored as a friendly face in Punxsutawney by having the Pink Heals chapter’s first truck named after her.

Walker said she didn’t know about the organization before the Slate Belt Chapter came to visit local children.

“I saw about it being here for the children, and it just broke my heart. I broke down in tears right there,” Walker said.

Walker has been helping people with cancer since 1998 when a few of her close friends were diagnosed with the disease. Her friends unfortunately lost their battle, and she has worked with the Relay for Life ever since.

She went from the Relay to helping Lisa’s Ladybugs, another local group dedicated to helping patients with cancer and their families cope through difficult times.

“It’s pretty awesome for them to go up and show a lot of love for those little kids, and make the kids smile. I guess that’s what it’s all about. That’s what everybody’s main goal is,” Walker said about the chapter.

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Walker said it’s been hard for her to take everything in since they approached her about naming the truck after her. She said she believes it’s everybody else in the community pulling together that makes everything work. She said there “wouldn’t be any of this if it wasn’t for everybody else.”

She is currently taking care of her father, who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. She said he is surviving and doing well, but it’s not easy.

“It’s really hard to sit there and watch somebody go through this. I don’t know why they really picked me, I just like to be a helper. It’s not about me, it’s about this town and everybody around,” Walker said.

The day the truck arrived, the chapter took it to the Moose Lodge to see Walker’s father, and he got to sign the truck as well.

Walker might not understand why she was picked, but to the residents in Punxsutawney, she is the face of someone who sees the best in the town, and keeps helping despite what she’s been through.

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