REYNOLDSVILLE — A local boy and his mother spend each Veterans Day traveling around the area to give veterans a token of their appreciation for their service.

Melissa Strong and her son, Levi, of DuBois, still had many stops left when they attended the Veterans Day ceremony in Reynoldsville Wednesday morning. She and Levi had a bag of United States pins that they had individually bagged with a photo that Strong had taken at an air show.

“This is our fifth year,” Strong said. “I take the photos, I pick a new one each year. We put a magnet on the back of them and a label expressing our gratitude and appreciation for our veterans.”

She said she knows a lot of the veterans and gets in touch with them each year to find out about the different events being held around the area. The two also have veterans in their own family.

Levi said he enjoys going with his mother, and has gone with her every year.

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They stopped at Brookville in the morning before coming to Reynoldsville. From there, they were going to the VFW in DuBois, then Brockway. She said after that they might go to Lowe’s, Walmart, and Martin’s to hand the remaining pins out to veterans shopping.

“We make it a full week. We started last Saturday, and we’ll be back out this coming weekend,” Strong said.

She said the first year they did this they had 130 they handed out, and this year they had 600.

Last year, Melissa and Levi were presented honorary citations for their efforts during the Veterans Day program at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 813 in DuBois.

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