Council chambers

The council chambers filled with Brockway residents who came to say thank you for winter snow removal.

BROCKWAY — Chief of Police Terry Young had to get out more chairs to accommodate everyone who came into the Brockway Borough Council meeting Thursday.

A borough council meeting with many residents is frequently bad news for the council, but not in Brockway. In this case, the residents came in to thank the road crew and the council.

Several residents thanked the road crew for their work during the winter. They said that the crew’s work on keeping the sidewalks clear, even during nasty weather. A resident said that when a mix of snow and ice encases the sidewalks, a machine is needed to help clear it out.

Darlene Marshall, the librarian at Mengle Memorial Library had stopped by to express her thanks as well. She appreciated the way the borough took care of the sidewalks and parking areas around the library.

After the thank-yous, the council moved onto its regular meeting.

The council got a letter from the Liquor Control Board that the alcohol license for Sheetz is being transferred, but Sheetz still has to make its location ready for the sales.

The zoning board is now in need of a member after Bill Powell resigned.

Chief Young requested to attend a training on Brookville about human trafficking. The cost of the seminar will be $250.

The fire department responded to two calls since the last meeting, bringing the total for 2019 to eight calls. They will do a hazmat refresher training soon as well as a legal aspects of firefighting training that covers what to do when called to testify in legal hearings and so on. The department’s new radios have been delivered and being programmed.

In addition to those radios, the council is looking into getting new radios to help with emergency management in the borough. The radios are in the process of being ordered.

The printer in the office is on its last legs, according to Borough Manager Laurie Wayne. She will be replacing the printer within the next couple of months.

The council will apply to allow children fish from the Main Street Bridge to the train trestle along the Little Toby Creek. The application needs to be in now so the area is ready for fishing season.

The Brockway Borough Council will meet again March 7 at 7 p.m.

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