For the past 50 years, a local automotive dealership has thrived on honesty, on good customer service, employee appreciation and a hard day’s work.

Murray’s is a privately owned, independent dealer of Ford, Lincoln and Honda on Blinker Parkway, and the Freightliner-Western Star dealership on Rich Highway in DuBois.

Murray’s Family of Dealerships is celebrating 50 years of being a part of the DuBois community, servicing more than 3,000 customers and offering the largest parts inventory in the tri-state area.

Its official anniversary was February of 2018, said President Greg Murray, so the business is coming up on 51 years next month.

Throughout 2018, Murray’s held anniversary giveaways, such as anniversary-themed T-shirts and traveling mugs, special promotions, as well as a 50-year Christmas party, Murray said.

Some employees have been with the business for 40 years, becoming a part of the family, Murray said. These workers are recognized with milestone awards and other forms of appreciation.

When his father Harv Murray started the dealership, his intent was to always give people a place to call home — a business where they leave with a pension and retirement plan, Murray said.

“You have to give back to the community and to your employees,” he said.

Frames of history and family cover the walls of Murray’s office, with black and white photos of the old dealership. A copy of the business’ investment check is framed as well.

Murray’s sisters, Michelle Mahaffey and Glenda Hooten, are also managers of the business.

Much about being in the car industry is about making sure customers don’t feel pressured, and walking them through the complicated but exciting process of purchasing a new car, Murray said. The surveys customers return often say they appreciated the patience of Murray’s employees.

“People don’t buy cars because you’ve been here 50 years,” he said. “They buy them because you have the best prices and service for your customers.”

Ford has been around for more than 100 years, constantly looking for ways to improve, Murray said.

“We are just happy to have reached 50 years,” he said. “It’s a milestone, and it’s an accomplishment.”

In the Blinker Parkway garage part of the building is a wall covered completely in community service efforts Murrays has been a part of over the years. It has supported DuBois-based organizations, schools and businesses such as Central Christian High School, DuBois Area High School, the senior center, DuBois Free Medical Clinic, United Way, Gateway Humane Society, Sandy Township Fire Department, Penn Highlands Healthcare, the Rotary and more.

“The Murrays are grateful to the community for the continued support it has shown to Murrays Family of Dealerships by shopping locally first,” the family says.

“I hope to continue for people to grow and for people to shop here,” Murray adds, “and to have another 50 years of service in the community.”

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