DuBOIS — Elementary students at DuBois Central Catholic School were not only entertained by Sadecky’s Puppets Wednesday, but learned some valuable life lessons about kindness and respect.

“It has become a tradition for the puppets to visit DCC during National Catholic Schools Week each year and share their positive message,” according to school officials.

The Sadecky’s Puppets, based in Tarentum, performed an educational but heartwarming show entitled, “Good Fortune.”

“It’s a story of a young boy named Benny who isn’t always that nice to people,” said puppeteer Will Foster. “He doesn’t really think about how his actions affect other people until one day something really special happens to Benny and makes him realize the way that he treats people has a lot to do with the way people treat him.”

The students see how one night Benny is eating Chinese food and reaches for his fortune cookie. Upon opening the cookie, he receives a fortune which reads, “Be kind to others, and the rewards will be great.”

Although he doesn’t believe it, he decides to give it a try. Reminiscent of the Golden Rule, he begins to realize that the way he treats people has a direct impact on how he is treated and may have unforeseen influence on future encounters and situations in his life.

“All this time I was waiting for someone to give me a reward, instead what I got was respect,” Benny said. “When I was nice to people they were nice to me. It was that simple. And maybe that’s the best reward of all. I always try to treat people the way I want to be treated.”

According to their website, the puppeteer troupes travel to 14 different states, performing over 500 shows per year. Written into each script are issues such as respect, manners, peer pressure and honesty.

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