DuBOIS — A resident says he is not in favor of Sandy Township’s plan to name the road where he lives.

John Pringle told supervisors at this week’s meeting that township Manager Shawn Arbaugh visited him at his home on Lundgren Road in early January.

“He (Arbaugh) said that there are two people who live up there and he wants to put a sign up there,” said Pringle. “I told him I was not in favor of having a sign put up and later on in January I received a certified letter telling me that you’re going to name that street. And I’m just wondering why I wasn’t consulted in the first place. I’ve lived there for 40 years.”

Supervisors’ Chairman Kevin Salandra said he believes it’s a safety issue for 911.

“We are required to have a name on the street,” said Supervisor Mark Sullivan, who is also a firefighter. “Did we name that street already?”

“We were going to name it Pringle Lane, but now the other residents ... I guess there’s been some fighting amongst the local residents down there and they don’t want to have it Pringle Lane anymore, but originally it was going to be Pringle Lane,” said Arbaugh.

“If you have two residents back there, we should have the street sign up to help emergency responders be able to locate,” said Sullivan.

“Well, can’t you tell from the township road? We have to go down to the township road to get our mail,” said Pringle.

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Arbaugh said it’s a private lane approximately 200 yards long with two houses at the end of it.

“They don’t abut Lundgren Road. One has a Lundgren Road address. One has a Comanche Lane address. It has caused confusion multiple times, including myself the first time I went to visit,” said Arbaugh.

After consulting with the fire department and the police chief, Arbaugh said the township decided it needs to name the lane. The two residents affected were notified that the lane would be named, effective Feb. 25. The name is still undetermined because other residents have contacted Clearfield County asking for it not to be named Pringle Lane, to be something different.

Salandra asked Pringle if he had a suggestion for the name of the road.

“No, I don’t want it named anything,” said Pringle.

“We don’t have that option. We have to name a road that has more than one residence on it for safety purposes,” said Sullivan.

“And we did offer to help him (Pringle) change the addresses,” said Arbaugh. “Anything we can do online, electronically here, sit down with him for an hour and make probably about 90 percent of the address changes that would need to be made.”

The township will give the two residents until Feb. 24 to come to an agreement on a name for the road. That name will then be forwarded to the county.

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