Brad Lashinsky Reynoldsville

Brad Lashinsky

REYNOLDSVILLE — The Reynoldsville Borough Council acted last week to apply for a grant to renovate the community pool.

The Grant sought is through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development’s Greenway Trails and Recreation program.

Penn State DuBois representative Brad Lashinsky said the Northwest Pennsylvania Launchbox program is spearheading the effort and the program was started as a facilitation of partnerships in Elk, Cameron, Potter, McKean, Clearfield, Jefferson and Clarion counties. He said the program offers many resources that are available from the various economic development organizations in the region such as the Jefferson County Development Council. He said he has been working with the Reynoldsville recreation committee on several issues with the Reynoldsville Community Pool.

“Currently the pool is leaking, the restrooms and showers need rehabilitated and there are some electrical upgrades that need to be made,” Lashinsky said.

He said the application period for the grant is through May 31. The amount sought is $200,000. He said he has been working on the grant application with members of the recreation committee and JCDC.

“The interesting thing about this grant is you can use appraised property value. The pool committee did have an appraisal done on the pool and it came back at $200,000,” Lashinsky said.

He said 12-14,000 individuals visit the pool per year and it is utilized by surrounding communities including DuBois, Punxsutawney, Brockway and Brookville. He said the pool is an asset the community would not want to lose.

“It’s a true community asset and, like all assets that are expensive to maintain and operate, once you lose it you will probably never get it back,” Lashinsky said.

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Lashinsky said he needs a commitment letter from the recreation committee for $4,500 to round out the cost of the project and said he had letters of support from organization in the county as well as from Sen. Joe Scarnati’s office and expects to receive a letter from State Representative Cris Dush’s office shortly.

“Pretty much everything is falling in line. It’s pretty much done and ready to go. I would just need to work with someone from the borough to put the document into the website and for the borough to sign off on it,” Lashinsky said.

Borough President T.J. Sliwinski asked if the funding would come to the borough, which Lashinsky confirmed. Council member Robin McMillan asked what the timeline would be for the grant to come through. Lashinsky said it would probably be about a year. Lashinsky said he drafted a resolution for the borough to adopt and said the resolution must be adopted by the borough prior to the submission of the grant.

The council voted five to zero to apply for the grant in the amount of $200,000.

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