Sarah Caltagarone Citizen of the Month

Reynoldsville Borough Council President Bill Cebulskie presents Sarah Caltagarone with the Citizen of the Month award for February.

REYNOLDSVILLE — The Reynoldsville Borough Council named Sarah Caltagarone the Citizen of the Month for February.

Caltagarone is well known as a business owner in town, running two businesses. She has been the owner of Sarah’s Soft Serve for 20 years, and the owner of the Bellamauro Social Hall for 16 years.

Sarah’s Soft Serve is an ice cream shop that has more than 50 flavors of soft serve and offers a large menu of lunch and dinner options. The Bellamauro is a social hall and event center with a large room that can hold about 450 to 500 people and a small room that can hold about 100 people.

She is also the president of the Reynoldsville Community Association, and was part of its effort to install the marquee in town. She also helped the RCA start the Reynoldsville Blueprint Committee in 2014. She is also on the Reynoldsville Pool Committee.

Finally, she is a member of the group All About Grace, which is a local group that helps members of the community who fall on hard times, according to Council President Bill Cebulskie.

Caltagarone thanked the council for being named Citizen of the Month.

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