Boy Scout monkey bars

Pictured is a monkey-bar climber at a previous Cub Scout open house at Camp Mountain Run in Penfield.

PENFIELD — Area Boy Scouts will sleep under the stars, tell stories by the campfire and sharpen their outdoor skills at the upcoming Summer 2019 Resident Camp.

The Resident Camp, held at Camp Mountain Run in Penfield, is held in three week-long summer sessions, with the first starting in June, and the last ending Saturday, July 20.

The camp not only allows scouts to bond with one another, but gives them the chance to see all nature has to offer through canoeing, fishing, shooting and other activities, according to the BSA Bucktail Council’s website.

Scouts, all registered through the Boy Scouts of America program, stay in a regular campsite together under supervision of an adult leader. Through several programs, a variety of merit badge opportunities are offered for Scouts.

Scouts can enjoy a well-stocked fishing pond and lake during their camp stay, as well as the shooting sports program, offering rifle, shotgun and archery ranges, where they can work on their shooting sports merit badges, according to the 2019 Leaders Guide.

Troop 72 of Reynoldsville will be attending the camp, bringing with them seven days of clothes, swimming trunks, their field uniforms and other basic essentials, said Troop Master David Corbeil. Scouts in the First Year Camper Program/Trailblazers, and those working for the cooking merit badge, will bring personal kits.

On Wednesday night, a “Family Day” is held, where Native American dance and drum techniques are demonstrated by the Ah’Tic Lodge Dance Team. Scouts who qualify for the Order of the Arrow honor society will be recognized.

Thursday is “cook in campsite” night, where troops will hike and set up shelter for the night, collecting wood and building a fire, preparing their own dinner.

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The camp is also an opportunity for scouts to bond with their scoutmasters, helping with instruction and encouragement in outdoor activities, the leader’s guide says.

Other opportunities include polar bear swim, mile swim, the Iron Scout challenge and “Honor Camper Award” for leadership.

Opening and closing campfire ceremonies are held on the first and last days of camp, where scouts and staff enjoy entertainment and say “farewell to summer.” Scouts are encouraged to put together a skit or song to perform.

“When a scout leaves camp, they will leave with a smile on their face, memories and friends that will last a lifetime,” according to the BSA Bucktail Council’s website. “In the outdoors, they share triumphs and troubles and learn important values as a group, like patience and respect for others’ point of view, doing their fair share and helping others in need — life skills that are part of the personal growth we want for every scout.”

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