SYKESVILLE — The Sykesville Borough Council discussed enforcement of their grass ordinance and LED lights during their meeting on Monday.

With some of Sykesville’s street lights being changed to LED about two years ago, the possibility of changing the rest of them to LED was discussed during the council meeting. It was explained that the remaining lights cannot be changed to LED because of an existing 30-year contract.

It was mentioned that the only way to get out of the contract would be to buy it out. Financially, it was stated, this would not be the best solution.With the existing contract, it costs the borough $79 to change a light. The cost increases as the wattage increases.

The council discussed that there is possibly a way around the contract since they last looked into upgrading their lights. The council said they saved approximately $2,000 on the lights they did get changed over to LEDs.

The council will also check if there are any grants available to help them buy your the current contract.

Enforcement of the borough’s grass ordinance was also discussed.

Council member Deneise Strouse said warnings are being given repeatedly to people about their tall grass and questioned why more wasn’t being done to discourage this.

It was stated that as long as the grass is cut before the person has to appear before the magistrate, there’s nothing they can do differently. If the grass is cut before their hearing, the magistrate dismisses the charges.

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It was announced that Carl McCracken has accepted the public works position, effective July 22.

Crew Foreman Sam Armagost called the mulch the borough received for Stahl Park “a sad load of mulch.”

The council then discussed the amount of mulch they paid to have delivered, and agreed that someone would come to check on the mound that was left at the park.

The meeting ended with the council going into executive session to discuss some personnel issues. No further comments were made after the executive session, and the meeting was adjourned shortly after.

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