SYKESVILLE — Sykesville Fire Chief Kevin Yamrick was surprised by his department with an award for his quick actions during a Reynoldsville fire last Wednesday, during which he saved a woman trapped inside the burning home.

Chief Yamrick was the first fireman to arrive at the scene of the fire, having been working in Reynoldsville at the time of the call. He immediately confirmed it was a working fire with entrapment, and began to take action, knowing local crews would arrive soon.

“I don’t need an award for it or any thing like that, I think any true firefighter would have done the same thing... I was able to complete the mission that was set before me,” Chief Yamrick said.

Since he is the chief, and often takes his own vehicle to the scene, he travels with his full turnout gear and an air pack in the vehicle so he’s ready to act.

The department surprised Yamrick with the plaque during a regularly scheduled meeting Sunday evening.

“To make it a little more special, we invited his family down so after the meeting they were there when it was presented to him,” Nate Alvetro said, a member of the fire department.

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The Chief was surprised to receive the award, and insisted he was just doing his job.

“We had our regular company meeting, and I didn’t know that it was going on. It was a great feeling, but the bottom line is she was saved, and the house is saved, and that’s accomplishment enough,” Yamrick said.

The plaque is a life saving valor award to recognize Yamrick’s selfless act to save the life of a citizen in need. It includes a recounting of the events that led to Yamrick bringing the woman out of the house.

“People expect us to have our best day on their worst day... When I found her she was conscious, but not alert...” Yamrick recalled.

The woman was later transported to Pittsburgh for evaluation. Yamrick said he has not been able to obtain information about her current condition.

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