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Randy Reed of the Punxsy Auto Clinic loves getting under the hood and working on his customers cars. Reed said it was a childhood dream to own his own auto repair shop and loves fixing his customers’ cars.

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Randy Reed of the Punxsy Auto Clinic enjoys getting under the hood and fixing his customers’ cars.

Reed said he has always enjoyed doing that. He opened The Punxsy Auto Clinic in 1996 because he always wanted a shop of his own.

“I’ve always liked the business since I was a kid and I used to work on other kids’ mini bikes. It has always been a life long dream to have my own auto repair business,” Reed said.

Reed said when he was a student at Jeff Tech he refused to pick any programs except auto repair because he so strongly wanted to pursue the field. He said during his time at Jeff Tech he went to states in the VICA competition.

“I didn’t want another one. I was going to study auto mechanics or I wasn’t going,” Reed said.

Reed said the Punxsy Auto Clinic offers a variety of auto repair services that his customers can utilize.

“We fix about anything except for transmission rebuilds. We do as simple as oil changes and inspections to replacing engines, alignments, tires, computer diagnostics and air conditioning work,” Reed said.

Reed said his favorite part of the business is getting under the hood.

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“My favorite part of the business is working on things. I love working on things,” Reed said.

He loves working in Punxsutawney and he has good relations with his customers, he said.

As far as where the Punxsy Auto Clinic will go in the future, Reed said they are focused on maintaining the quality they offer to the community.

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