REYNOLDSVILLE — Some area locals are planning an “under 21” dance at the Bellamauro to offer local teens a fun weekend activity.

Dennis Faber Jr. and Brandon Quail will be hosting the first under 21 dance on Aug. 29 from 7 to 10 p.m. Quail is a DJ and music producer who goes by “Henosis” in the music and online sphere. Faber ran a successful DJ service in high school and has experience running such events.

“I chose the venue because I used to DJ in high school. I graduated in ‘94 and was running two very successful under 21 dances in two different locations,” Faber said.

He and Quail are hoping they will be able to offer the dance party monthly or twice a month if there is a good enough turnout. He said the Bellamauro is large and that he used to fill it with 400 or more people once a week.

“We ask that no one under the age of 16 come to the party and only under 21 be permitted to attend the event,” Faber said. “We will however accept parents who’d like to chaperone the event and they can contact Sarah Caltagarone from the Bellamauro for chaperoning opportunities.”

Faber said it is a safe environment for children to be social, enjoy music, and express themselves through dance. There is a Facebook page for the event, called Bellamauro Presents Under 21 Dance Party. The discussion section has the playlist for the event so people can check the genre of music that will be played.

“We focus our music on EDM (electronic dance music). We like the energy that EDM has. We feel that because almost all the music in the genre is upbeat and danceable that the kids will really enjoy it,” Faber said.

“Henosis” has about seven songs currently released on Spotify as an additional way for children to check the music. Quail is based in Ridgway while Faber is local to Reynoldsville. Those interested in chaperoning can call the Bellamauro at 815-653-8084.

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