DuBOIS — An overview of purchases made by the DuBois Area School District with its $200,000 state grant to implement its plan for job training and educational programs was presented to the board recently byAnne Young, director of curriculum, instruction and assessment.

“Our team’s goal, when purchasing READY (Regional Economic Acceleration for the Development of our Youth) instructional resources, was to purchase items that would enhance hands-on learning, support 20 percent relearning skills, and educate each student about diverse career pathways and post secondary options,” Young said.

Some of the purchases highlighted by Young included:

  • Career cruising, which is the self-exploration and planning program that helps students build awareness of careers, explore post secondary options, and develop a plan for each phase of their school career, and after they graduate. Career cruising is built into the kindergarten through grade four library curriculum, fifth through eighth grade leadership seminar curriculum, and the nine through 12 social studies and english curriculum.
  • Google, the 30 Google Expedition set. Currently, the middle school and the high school students have Google Expeditions, and the district has plans to purchase sets for elementary buildings. With Google Expeditions, teachers can take students on virtual field trips almost anywhere.
  • 3D camera, so that the students can also make virtual tours of their own.
  • HP printers for the middle school and high school technology and marketing classes. They were purchased with the intention of using them for special class projects, and to also help continue marketing different events for READY, and district initiatives.

Young said she also helped plan 32 career prep field trips.

“Thanks to our team, our students had the opportunity to visit local businesses, college, and training facilities,” Young said. “Some of our teachers remarked that these trips were eye-opening and so motivational for our students.”

Young said career readiness sessions were also embedded into the teacher in-service days, and some administrators traveled to career readiness training.

In November, the district will be sending 12 staff members to the school-to-career connection conference. Young said she and Assistant Superintendent Wendy Benton attend this conference last year and found it very beneficial because they came back with many new ideas and resources to share.

The final piece of the READY grant proposal included developing marketing materials and hosting informational events.

“We wanted our READY marketing materials to have a personal feel, and to market our local businesses,” Young said. “Our team decided to make our own customized career posters showcasing our high school students, our elementary art teacher, Matt Cherubini, made one of a kind career exploration murals for each of our elementary schools.”

In addition, Young said, “I wanted to highlight all of the schools, which are going to get a set of these 16 posters with, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’ And these posters feature our high school students.”

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